Anti-Semitism: A Strange Contradiction

laitman_224Question: When we speak about anti-Semitism, one must point out one interesting phenomena: those same anti-Semites who hate Jews fiercely, at the same time love them.

For example, Voltaire wrote about the Jews, “They are the rudest of all people, the most hated of all our neighbors. All of them are born with intense fanaticism in the hearts. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people will one day become a real disaster for the whole of humanity.”

Together with this, the same Voltaire confessed his love for the Jewish people: “ I love them so much that I would like them to be in Jerusalem, instead of the Turks who completely bankrupted and destroyed their country. Work the miserable land as you never worked it before, raise the land to the exposed peaks of your demolished mountains…”

Similarly Tolstoy and Chekhov spoke contradictorily about Jews, as did other writers and thinkers. It is said that there is only one step from love to hate, and we don’t even have to take this step since love and hate are woven together to such an extent.

Answer: These are two sides of the same person. And both sides, hatred and a special respect, which are completely, mutually dependent, mutual constants and are seen by all enlightened and caring people toward the Jews.

Question: Actually, during the course of history, all of the steps against the Jews were taken as if in order to protect them, “We love them. We want to ensure their safety, so do not carry weapons, do not become involved in certain professions, and live in the ghetto.” Also today, the movement of boycotts against Israel are accompanied by declarations of love, and at the same time pressure us.

Answer: I personally welcome this kind of love since I see in this a special revelation of upper Providence that wants the Jews to implement their universal mission for the world and to carry out everything that they need to do. Anti-Semitism is very helpful to Zionists. If there weren’t anti-Semitism in Russia, then there wouldn’t be Zionists, and the same thing goes for the rest of the nations.

Furthermore, in the Torah it is written that without the hatred of the nations of the world toward Israel, the Jews would have ceased to be a nation a long time ago. Thus, this hatred is needed exactly, as in the relationships of parents to their beloved children. There is mercy and there is judgment, meaning two hands, the left and the right. The left hand sometimes punishes, and the right caresses and hugs.

Question: Where in man does the hatred appear toward Jews and why is it so difficult for him to control it?

Answer: Where there is the revelation of love toward the Jewish nation, toward their worldview or religion, know that, shortly after, will come hatred. Conversely, if you see the hatred in the nations of the world, soon it will change for the better to expressions of love.

This is manifested not only between peoples and nations, but also between many nations and the Jews. For example, after WWII, after the Holocaust, a different attitude toward the Jews appeared, “We must give the Jews a place to live, a nation, to make sure they are in charge.” This is absolutely the clear upper providence that is not dependent on people or nations. This has been observed in an exact way during the entire course of human history.

There is nothing psychological about this. It is simply the general upper providence, super human, that is above our world and is leading it to ascend above itself to the next level, to the spiritual world of forces.

It is not the material world, but the world of forces. It is the Jews who need to specify this path since it is only with them that there is the initial experience for uniting, under the instruction of Abraham, and ascending to this level. Thus, they are called a special nation with a unique quality that is not connected to the rest of the seventy nations of the world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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