Technological Progress And Moral Regression

Laitman_004Today, once again the world faces the same problem that existed in ancient Babylon: humanity is at a dead end on the threshold of a world war, mankind is again sinking into barbarism.

It is interesting that in the past 30 to 40 years scientific, technological, and cultural development of everything that distinguishes a human being from a beast has entered a new stage.

Modern technology gives the least educated person everything he needs: televisions, computers, and mobile phones. Inside he remains a barbarian, and at the same time, he uses such developments of humanity that surpass his internal state by hundreds of years. In turns out that people have regressed.

If 30 to 50 years ago, a person was interested in paintings, books, and music, and had to absorb at least some part of what humanity has done and attained before him, today, this is not so. Everything has been replaced with sending text messages. What do people write to each other? What for?

In my time, children from a village wanted to be intelligent, modern. They were ashamed of their ignorance, whereas today this is not so. It follows that specifically thanks to technology—thanks to having everything and not needing to get anything, not needing to elevate yourself to any level—humanity is returning to barbarism.

Today, we are passing through a particular state called the “recognition of evil.” Who are we? Humanity must recognize its barbarism, which is leading people directly toward annihilation. In parallel to this, the people of Israel must develop the next state of humanity: mutual connection, oneness, and becoming an example for everyone else.

Question: So, in what way are the Jews to blame?

Answer: We should have begun our work from the period humanity began to leave the Middle Ages, from the time of the Ari at the end of the 16th century.

It was precisely then that technological advancement began, which should have been accompanied by moral development so that a person would know why this had been given into his hands, and instead of this, a person became a barbarian with an iPhone.

Question: To where must the Jews bring this barbaric mass? Is it to oneness, to love?

Answer: Today, we Jews are no less barbaric than all the rest. So, first and foremost, we need to bring ourselves to unity. We are in a very great descent relative to the level we must comply with.

Question: But at all times, the Jews have aspired for a better world: they invented socialism, the idea of equality.

Answer: They didn’t invent anything. The idea of equality has been latent in them from the beginning. This process began 3,500 years ago from around the time Abraham gathered people who wanted to know the meaning of life, “We will not be slaves to our ego. We will rise up against it, each one within himself and all of us together.”

Since this is in the foundation of our development, we haven’t done anything unique.

Question: So, how can humanity remain barbaric if an idea like this is latent in it?

Answer: Relative to the same level in which we existed 2,000 years ago, beginning from Abraham to the destruction of the Second Temple, today we are barbarians. We don’t eat each other in the literal sense; we do this through our desires and intentions.

We don’t understand that everything that is happening in the world depends on us, and we can correct this by showing ourselves as an example of a completely different existence.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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