The Decline Of Babylon, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: After the ego ignited, it forced the Babylonians to scatter over the face of the Earth. Did humanity develop only under the influence of this negative force?

Answer: It is not that a positive force doesn’t exist in a person. It exists in every human, but it is not clearly revealed nor does it direct and propel them forward.

The disciples of Abraham differed from the disciples of Nimrod in that they discovered within them the two forces: the explicit ego and the implicit yearning something, bestowal and love. But they didn’t yet feel this, at first they simply searched for the meaning of life. The second force was discovered within the meaning of life, which is beyond the physical earth, above egoism.

In this plane, the ego shows us what is possible to obtain here and how it is possible to satisfy and fulfill yourself. The second force goes above this plane because it is built on connection, on unity. This is the next level.

Yes, this force exists in everyone, but, in the disciples of Nimrod, it was not clearly revealed at that time. As a result, they did what was possible to do in their present stage. They dispersed or created new connections, they mixed or fought, they made alliances, marriages, or the opposite. However, all of this was on a physical level.

And it is only now that the call for the meaning of life has begun to be awakened in them. However, since they don’t see Abraham among them, they sink into drugs, into all possible kinds of excesses, into wars, etc. Anything just to fill and to shut off their emptiness.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14, Part 4

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