The Decline Of Babylon, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, the linear process of egoistic resettlement is over, and we are again placed in a contemporary type of Babylon because of the global network embraces the whole earth. Babylon has expanded to the entire world.

The overall egoism that governs everybody is in fact the current Nimrod. At this time, all we need is for Abraham to come and announce to us: “There is the way out!” Today, everybody experiences tremendous fear because we can destroy each other just to eat. The main human problem is hopelessness: people hate the mere fact of their existence.

Comment: But previously, in Abraham’s time, there were only five thousand people who listened to and followed him.

Answer: Those were the ones who felt hopeless and at the same time strived to find purpose in life. Today, this aspiration has surfaced ​in our consciousness and many of us can already feel and recognize it. It is no accident that depression is one of the most widespread diseases in the world.

Nevertheless, Abraham doesn’t show up today because all the people of Israel have to act as Abraham. Originally, Abraham’s group set an example to the whole of  humanity: “Here is what we can achieve.” Today, Abraham’s group demonstrates a very negative example in the inability of the Jews to work as a good model to the world and this triggers humanity’s hatred towards them. This is the root of anti-Semitism.

People subconsciously hate the Jews because they sense that they have to bring them joy, happiness, deliverance, and show them the way out. “We have to receive something good from them, but instead, they bring us affliction, disasters, and squalor.”

For many, the destruction of Israel at a purely egoistic, primitive level seems like a solution: “No Jews, no evil.”

In fact, the evil descends to the nations of the world through the Jews. They are not wicked, but they “transmit” wickedness, even though they don’t know it.

By blaming the Jews, the nations of the world acknowledge that they depend on them and that their lives are influenced by Abraham’s group. So, it proves that this small nation is stronger than the rest of the population of seven billion people. If the Jews manage to transition from a minus to a plus, humanity will receive the potion of life through them.

Question: Could you please explain the reason that nobody likes the Jew?

Answer: People have to know how to use this force. Their attitude towards the Jews is instinctive and naturally awakens them. That’s why even nations that have nothing to do with the Jews still hate them.

We have to explain these issues to the people of Israel and to the nations of the world in order to initiate a unified system that will eventually bring us to a state of order.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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