The Decline Of Babylon, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person is born and develops as an egoist. It is written, “I created the evil inclination [egoism]; I created the Torah as a spice,” for its correction, so the Torah will give you the Light with whose help you can correct the ego. That is how two lines are formed, two parts of the inner work: the separated ego, the left part, and the Torah, the right part.

Question: Am I such an egoist that only the negative force is within me? In addition, with a message like this, is it possible to attract the public to us just like Abraham did?

Answer: As it seems, he simply scattered flyers all over ancient Babylon. He printed them quickly in a local print shop and scattered them among all the Babylonians, a total population of three million inhabitants, according to the myth. So, they read the flyers and five thousand people gathered around Abraham.

Joking aside, Abraham was a very great spiritual leader, a high priest, a great scientist of those times. Furthermore, he was the son of the head Babylonian ideologue, his father Terah. So, he had the means, the knowledge, power, and connections, all the possibilities to spread his message. All this is compulsory in our world.

So, Abraham spread the knowledge and people joined with him. He was joined by those who felt that they no longer wanted to work with just the ego.

In other words, they already had a new sensation, an awareness of the evil of selfishness; they had already developed and realized that it must be in balance, and that they had been longing for the second force, which could be used to balance the selfishness, to create a “dipole” of positive and negative forces and exist in it.

They felt that only the ego motivated them. They lived thanks only to its negative power, and surely this plunged them to depression. After all, they didn’t feel any satisfaction, any fulfillment, in this life even though ancient Babylon was a developed civilization. If a person understands that only a single negative force is working and evolving within him, he would jump from a bridge or a high tower. At best, he would go and smoke dope.

Another thing, is if, together with this understanding, the possibility of acquiring the positive force is revealed to him. Because the path consists of two points and a vector between them, a second point is required so that, at least a bit, the Light will illuminate you from wherever it is. It is impossible to live without this illumination, “I cannot stay here. So, what else is there to do, commit suicide?”  However, if something illuminates me from a distance, if, through the clouds, a small ray of Light breaks through, I have no need for anything more.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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