The Merging Of The Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the descent of the desire from the point of the shattering downwards, it is divided into smaller and smaller parts which are constantly mixed according to the intensity and the type of the shattering. It isn’t only about the Aviut (thickness) but it also depends on the level that belonged to the Aviut of Keter, Hochma or Bina.

A correction begins only after the end of the incorporation of all the shattered parts into each other, just like different vegetables, such as tomato, cucumber, or onion that are put into a blender and ground together. First the vegetables are cut into big pieces and then into smaller and smaller pieces, until they become a homogeneous mixture in which it is impossible to identify the different vegetables that were put into the blender.

In the blender there is what used to be a tomato, a cucumber, and an onion, but you cannot see them since there is only a brown mass. We must now correct this mixture and raise all its components from the bottom up. What should we do? Do we have to separate the vegetables again? What is incorporation?

Suddenly we understand that this blender, the shattering, has taken us out of a special state, mixed us together in a such way that we could have never been able to be incorporated into one another if we had remained corrected.

In the initial corrected state, we were connected by the Light that created us. Thanks to the Light, we were a tomato, a cucumber, garlic, or onion. Each of us was another vegetable and although we were all connected, no one was incorporated in the others because the Upper Light connected us. As a result of the shattering, we have reached the state in which we are totally shattered, and whether we like it or not, we are incorporated into everyone else. I want what the others have and I feel what they have in my ego. The altruistic connections between us were maintained by the Light since the beginning of creation but were shattered when we began to feel egoistic impulses, such as, “ the neighbor’s grass is greener,” “what a big car he has!” “What a nice dress!”

This is how we began to absorb each others’ desires. The shattering left a merging of desires in each of us. It turns out that the shattering caused something that we could not have done by ourselves in any way. It forced us to be incorporated in one another.

Today everyone is connected to the whole world through five people he knows. I am not even aware that I am incorporated in the desires of an Eskimo that lives somewhere in the Arctic or of a person living in South America, Australia, or India, because I have never been there. How does that happen? I don’t know, but it is a result of the shattering.

We think that the shattering was a disaster, but it was essential in order to bring us to correction. Now that we have been mixed together the only thing left for us to do is to correct ourselves with the help of the upper Light. What does the Light have to do in order to correct our vegetable mixture? Does it have to separate us into a tomato and a cucumber again; does it have to sort us out? Or should it perhaps take this whole mass and glue it into one vegetable, one vessel?

The mixture is beginning to take on a form according to the levels of the Aviut of the desire under the influence of the Upper Light. There are parts that belong to upper or lower layers. How do we know which layer each one in this mixture belongs to?

In our world there is the force of gravity that builds certain layers in a certain way and there are differences between them. In the human mixture there are also differences between the layers of the desire, yet they are not created by the force of gravity of the earth, but by the force of gravity from above, by the Upper Light.

The Upper Light enters the shattered vessels, which it shattered. But now it begins to correct them and to reform them. The mixture of vegetables is made of the shattered desires that were mixed and shattered infinitely by the Upper Light. Now the Light that Reforms arrives and all the components gradually appear according to their reaction to the Light and thus they feel that they have something in common, whether closer or further away from the Light and from each other.

They clarify whether they belong more to the tomatoes and less to the cucumbers, more to the onion, etc., according to the perception of the Light and according to the feeling of its influence on them. Although they have all been mixed, changes begin to take place in this mass.

There are special parts among all the shattered desires: the Jews. In the past they drew the Light that Reforms but did not live up to its correction and were shattered and fell. They were the reason for the shattering of the whole desire and for the mixing. Now they have to be revealed, which means that a special action is taking place in the world today. We have to see how everyone is incorporated in everyone else. There are the ten lost tribes among us who were incorporated in the general shattering. This is a very complex, varied and deep action, but we don’t correct it by simply returning to the initial state in order to have the tomatoes and the cucumbers that were there before, but rather we correct all the layers together and reach a connection that is 620 times greater. The previous unity was by the Upper Light and now it is attained by the Light that Reforms according to the request of the lower who wants this adhesion.

If the initial adhesion that was sustained by the upper was one unit, the new adhesion is 620 units, 620 times stronger, and it is all thanks to the work of the lower.

The lower asks to remain in the form that was created after the shattering and only wants to correct its attitude. Therefore the general soul is corrected layer by layer according to its awakening; the first layer, the second and the third. Otherwise, there would be no ascent but a simple restoration of the tomatoes and the cucumbers.

We want to keep the mutual incorporation since it is actually by merging that we reach a more powerful adhesion, 620 times stronger, in which everyone is incorporated in everyone else. Therefore we have to be thankful for the shattering and for the opportunity to be incorporated into one another. The Jews were mixed with the rest of the Babylonians and now we can finally start our collective correction!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/01/14, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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