The Flight Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We know that a spiritual action is performed by the intention. How should we approach the performance of the music of the upper worlds correctly in order to attain the goal in the shortest possible time so that, together with that, we will keep on advancing spiritually?

Answer: I think that the main thing is the constant guidance of the upper providence with joy.

About 20 years ago, I conducted an experiment in a retirement home, and I gave out the tunes of “Who is the Secret of Life” to the residents there. Then, I conducted a survey. People over 65 told me that they cried when they listened to the music.

I understand them. First, an elderly person who hears this tune immediately delves into his memories and the life he has lived, but these experiences are basically different from what this kind of music should convey.

It is about joy, about the upper Light, about a very clear state. It is a feeling of awe, inspiration, an ascent and flight of the soul! It swims in the white Light, and such a glorious state is embodied in our world when a bride is dressed in a white dress.

Therefore, the main thing is to at least understand and feel as much as possible what the tune is by focusing on joy and trying to resemble the person who wrote it. It is because he wrote it out of his attainment of the upper worlds, the upper state, and the upper force. There, one discovers only the joy of the eternal attainment, wholeness and harmony that excites and fills everything!

We should try to detach from our ego, from what it does with us in our world, from its distortion, and by ascending above the ego, we should try to live in a the totally different dimension of love, bestowal, and good mutual connection. Then, the melodies of the spiritual worlds would be felt in a totally different manner.

This is a little revelation for every student. I think that if he constantly remembers this, he will be able to begin to feel the spiritual world without studying anything else of all the enormous method of attaining the spiritual worlds of which Baal HaSulam wrote. There is no need for words! If a person opens himself to these sounds and to their internal sources, he will begin to understand everything.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 2/09/14

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