Why Are We Afraid Of Death?

Laitman_504A person subconsciously thinks about death constantly. Everything that he builds and creates is intended to somehow nullify death.

He aspires to invent something, to build, to discover, to overcome, to do, and to hold onto his eternity. This is the fundamental motif that penetrates all of our existence.

If we were eternal or we had no sensation of the end, we would die and would not know that we died. Then we would live completely differently.

We would live full of inspiration, wholeheartedly, and we wouldn’t feel compelled to think about the end. Our subconscious feeling of the inevitability of death is very important to us.

Question: Is this good or bad?

Answer: It depends on how the person uses this reality. Without it, we would be beasts that are integrated completely in every moment of our existence because if there were no end, then the remaining sensation is, “If I exist only here, I must get everything out of this moment.”

But when we feel that the end is concealed somewhere, we try to abolish it. We distract ourselves, plunge headfirst into science, into creative search, into the creation of some works, etc., and all of this is to prove that we have overcome death. In principle, this is what drives us forward.

This is derived from the depths of consciousness and is realized not only on the level of the beast, but also on other levels, up to the highest spiritual levels in which everything is resolved in another form. There, a person begins to discover life within the soul, and therefore becomes independent of the life of the body.

If in addition to my physiological body I discover my spiritual body, called the “soul,” and begin to feel myself as existing within it, then simultaneously I feel how much my beastly body is temporary and finite and is obliged to ultimately die, again becoming inert matter.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/17/15

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  1. Do we come back the same person after death? And what does Kabbalah say about ‘old souls’?

  2. I think of death a lot

  3. So an Eternal soul doesn’t care about the body?

  4. always think of death.I say I don’t fear it but that’s a lie. Sometimes I feel that connection is
    more difficult than death.Weird and I don’t seem to move above that.

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