The Roots Of Anti-Semitism, Part 5

laitman_202_0Question: There are many legitimate claims toward Israel in the world. Do you think the reason is anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism, the political difference of opinions?

Answer: The reason is not different opinions. People don’t want to be connected to Israel and to the nation of Israel, but they can’t erase their identification and stop being a Jew. However, at least, they can make every effort to prevent being declared as a Zionist. They can deny Zionism, but they can’t run away from their Jewish origin.

Question: However, they have specific claims toward Israel regarding politics, policy, and the privileges of man.

Answer: The anti-Semites camouflage themselves with justified claims. An anti-Semite can’t confess that he hates me because I am Jewish, so he finds excuses that justify his hate.

If Jews would realize their role on the globe—if they would come back to mutual love and show an example to the entire world, all of humanity, and realize the plan of Creation—then they would become a positive force in the world, but now they are a negative force.

Question: If the Jewish nation would return to love and bestowal, what would have happened to natural anti-Semitism?

Answer: If we would return to love and bestowal, and teach the entire world, then we would become the “light for the nations of the world” and anti-Semitism would disappear because the nations of the world would feel from inside that finally the Jews are doing what they must do.

The nations of the world don’t know the role of Jews, but they will see that the Jews must teach them how to use the second force of nature, the altruistic force of love, that can correct and calm the entire world and raise them to another degree, to bring them to the spiritual dimension, to an eternal and complete world.

Question: What would happen then to the natural hatred that is in the anti-Semitic heart?

Answer: He would not feel hate. To the contrary, he would feel love and gratitude toward the Jews because they exist and teach him. The nations of the world want to learn from us.

Through their claims that all problems come from Jews, they actually want to say that they can’t do anything against the Jews. They are only 0.2% of the population, but look at how many problems they are causing everyone. No one knows what to do with this nation.

They are scattered around the globe, but because of them, there are only problems. Everyone is worried because of Jews. No one speaks so much about the Americans, although, in quantity, they are millions, and only a few million are always in the center of the fight.

However, this situation can turn completely to the good side. The nations of the world will feel that we are the teachers that teach them how to live better, and that is what they expect from the Jews.

Listen to what they tell us: they claim that all the evil in the world comes from the Jews. Actually, it can be translated to other words, “We are weak and the Jews are strong. Look what they do with us. We are small and they are big because they can destroy life in the entire world. They are in total 15 million, and see what they cause to seven billion people. Can it be? However, this is exactly what is happening, and we don’t know what to do with them.”

The nations of the world tell us that they are weak and depend on us. And if we will not show them what we have, if we can show them through personal example what we have, then their attitude would change immediately.

If we want just to pass it to them, it will not work. They would think that again we want to cheat them. Therefore, first we need to arrange a good life between us as an example to all the rest of the world. This is called being a light for the nations of the world. The nations of the world will want to learn it from us. We must be “a kingdom of priests,” in other words, the worldwide ministry of education.

We need to decide quickly what we will do.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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