We Need To Pray For Everyone

laitman_624_02_0Question: How do we direct ourselves correctly at the time of reading The Book of Zohar to heal all the problems of every individual person, the people of Israel, and the whole world?

Answer: It is necessary to pray, to ask, to be integrated into the pain of the people closest to us and also those who are far away. But we don’t pray for a particular person who is sick, but for correction of the general illness that is revealed before us now through the problem of a particular person.

One should pray for general correction, because what we see is only a particular expression of the general problem. This is how the prayer must be organized.

Question: Why is a prayer for everyone more practical than a request for a particular person who is closer to my heart?

Answer: A request for a particular person is closer to your ego. On the one hand, you are stimulated more by what is closer to you. But on the other hand, what is the difference if the desire to bestow is bestowing to someone close or someone far away?

There are no limits to the Ohr Hassadim (Light of Mercy); it extends to all places with the same intensity. So why do you want to pray for someone in particular?

We know that everyone is connected with everyone and there is only one soul. So every defect that is revealed in someone is the result of the general illness. So how is it possible to heal a particular person without healing the general illness? It is necessary to pray for everyone.

If you are ready to correct everyone through your prayer, then the person in whom you saw some kind of illness will also be healed. Otherwise this doesn’t work. After all, we are in a global system, a single system. Suppose that someone is sick with the flu, you cannot heal just him; rather, you must heal the epidemic throughout the world because it is a general system.

It cannot be that there is a defect in one place, even if it seems to us that we see only one damaged component. The damage is not only in him, but also in the whole system. And only in regard to you is this presented as a defect in a friend. You must take care of society in general, and the particular problems that you see are only a response to the common problem. An isolated component doesn’t exist in any form, not in me or anyone else. If I see it, it is an indication that the system is sick.

We see this in the world. If we want to correct some part of the government or the society, then nothing will help because we don’t approach this correctly.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/17/14, The Zohar

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