Changing Your Name Or Changing Your Fate

Laitman_049_01Question: I would like to know whether I should take numerology and other methods that deal with letters and numbers into account if I want to change my name. I am asking this question because I have a great desire to start anew and leave my past behind. Many experts say that if you don’t take certain elements and traditions into account you can change everything for the worse. Could it also be that it is all about self-persuasion, and that it doesn’t really matter and what’s important is that a person feels better?

Answer: All this can be helpful only by proper self-persuasion, which is also important. But the true correction of your fate and not just feeling better is possible only by the wisdom of Kabbalah. But it is the correction of the world through your correction and it is a long processes and therefore isn’t for everyone. If you can’t do that, then you can turn to religion or different activities and methods in order to improve how you feel. The choice is yours!

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