Barack Obama Is For The Conversion Of America To Islam

Laitman_408Comment: The American President Barack Obama said in a speech before British youth that everything is changing so fast in the world that one is tempted to form his own consciousness, like a member of a tribe who feels confident and secure in the face of many changes. But he believes that the youth should resist this temptation.

The President referred to immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, Northern Ireland, and Burma, which he believes should be received with empathy. The President emphasized that he doesn’t accept people who wish to feel superior by dividing the world into them and us. It turns out that Obama is calling for unity.

Answer: That’s true but only under the domination of the US. Since how else is it possible? Someone has to manage the parade! From Obama’s perspective ,it is the US of course.

The commanders of the parade will be those who lead and manage the settlement in the US, which are not those who founded America. The founding fathers were British, Irish, and Germans who laid the proper foundations of the country, and Obama wants to change all that.

There is something to hide, after all, according to his view, the US should become an Islamic state. He came in order to change it, so at least at the end of his presidency, the gates of the country would be wide open for active extremist Arab population to settle there.

Question: If we speak about the upper force that guides the hearts of ministers and kings, what is the goal of the upper force in leading Obama in this specific manner?

Answer: The goal of the upper force is to show us that we will not be able to survive by relying on a philosophy of the world, whether religious, Anglo-Saxon, Asian, Afro-American, or Muslim. We will succeed only if we begin to unite above all the philosophies, above everything that divides us.

Thus, in America, the Muslim population is being injected, in order to create a great controversy within the American society, and then from the inability to continue this development, it will have to come to the conclusion that people have no other choice but to join.

Question: You often say that nothing will succeed unless people reach a dead end. Can we try to come out of the situation we are in by using our brains?

Answer: Of course not. See what happens in humanity! Can it attain anything by using the human brain?

There is only one way out of the impasse, and if that doesn’t help, a great explosion will follow, like the detonation of nuclear weapons, which is certainly possible. Then no one will be able to stop it, starting a chain reaction.

Fear restrains us up to a certain point, but then the mind ceases to operate and common sense disappears. Those who will survive will undergo great sufferings and as a result will understand that they have rebuild humanity according to a different principle, above our nature using our nature only as a springboard. This is where it will all end.

I hope that we will be strong enough to listen to what Kabbalists say. We will not grow wise by ourselves since we don’t have the brains it takes in our current condition. We should listen to Kabbalists who have attained the plan of creation to its end. They have already undergone it personally and so they advise us not to make mistakes but to follow their footsteps carefully, gradually changing our nature in the likeness of the Creator and attain the upper world here, in this world, in this life.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/24/16

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