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Anti-Semitism Is Growing

Laitman_408Question: There has been a dramatic increase in anti-Semitic incidents in Britain lately without any evident cause. Anti-Semitism in the Labor party and the declarations of the former mayor of London Ken Livingstone, who claimed that Adolf Hitler was an advocate of Zionism when he was elected and strove to transfer the Jews from Europe to Israel and not to concentration camps, are only a few examples of this trend.

What do you think is the cause for these expressions of anti-Semitism in one of the most prosperous countries in Europe and what may be the implications and consequences?

Answer: Of course there cannot be positive implications and I have been warning and writing about this for years.

Anti-Semitism will continue to grow as long as the Jews don’t fulfill their goal. They have to show all of humanity how to unite into one nation and bring the whole world to unity.

It says so in the Torah and also when the Jewish nation was founded in ancient Babylon under the leadership of Abraham. So we have no choice but to fulfill our goal, whether in a good way or as a result of serious blows on the part of nature.

Otherwise, as long as we don’t fulfill our goal, we evoke the negative forces in the world against us ,which are meant to direct us toward our goal. It is our duty to reach the state of “love thy friend as thyself” among the Jewish people and show the world that it is possible to be a role model for them, a “Light unto the nations of the world.”
From the Webinar 5/8/16

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Rise In The Number Of Suicides In The United States

Laitman_002Comment: In the last 15 years the number of suicides in the United States increased by 24%. And the percentage of suicides among the young increased much more than the percentage of suicides among adults.

Response: The reason for suicide is not the material situation of society but disappointment in life and the lack of meaning in it.

The feeling of emptiness permeates all levels of society without connection to wealth, property, and level of education. When a person gets depressed he doesn’t see meaning in anything and doesn’t want to live. In principle, a person decides to commit suicide when he sees no future for himself, has no prospects, sees only darkness ahead instead of light. This darkness will become more and more dense to awaken a person to a search for the Light that will transform the darkness.

Comment: If the darkness becomes more and more dense, the number of suicides will increase even more.

Response: The number of suicides will increase only a little; most people will begin to listen to Kabbalists and learn how to discover the Light instead of the darkness that they don’t see at the present time. Even now, the Light fills the whole world, but we lack the proper vision. Precisely to the degree that we feel a ray of Light illuminating us, so we also shine with our own ray of light. A person can feel that someone is looking at him, as if someone is looking at him from behind because we project beams of light and feel the beams of light that others radiate.

To discover the layers, the gigantic expanses, the worlds that exist around us, it is up to us to radiate special “beams” that can achieve all of this. These spaces fill life and they specifically awaken a person’s desire, but he doesn’t find an answer. To get an answer for this desire, it is up to that person to learn how to create this beam of light within him correctly, to use it and radiate it.

In the meantime, people who feel darkness in their lives are very miserable. I can identify with them because every Kabbalist goes through these states. What differentiates a Kabbalist and people who commit suicide is that he was fortunate to have found the wisdom of Kabbalah. With the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, he revives himself and begins to live a full life.

Along with this, clearly, he must think about others. Kabbalists try to do this with all their might. The writings of the Kabbalists are available to us so that we will use them and find a much wider world than the way it seems to us in our normal vision. Good luck!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/25/16

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Senators In The United States Are In Favor Of Increasing Aid To Israel

400Comment: 83 of the 100 American senators signed a letter that calls upon the President of the United States Barak Obama to increase the aid to Israel and to sign a security agreement soon. The aid package is currently three billion dollars per year whereas Israel insists on increasing the budget to five billion dollars per year.

Response: First, it is up to us to rely more upon ourselves, improvement of our situation depends on the order that we make in our nation. We can collect two billion dollars from the state funds if we just get serious and less wasteful. Second, the restrictions contained in the agreement are not beneficial for the nation of Israel. The Americans profit a great deal from the Israeli innovations related to ammunitions, so it is very worthwhile for them to support us, yet in the meantime it could be that we have no other way out.

Despite the help from Obama and others, it is up to us to rely upon ourselves. We shouldn’t rely on help from European nations or Russia and also not on our military power, but only on the connection with the upper force.

Nobody will take this from us. The problem is that this relationship is up to us to discover, to arrange, and to use correctly. Then we will have no need of help from the Americans or anyone else, and they cannot defeat us; on the contrary, everyone will require our help.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/26/16

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Friendship On The Internet May Not Be Strong

laitman_959In the News ( “Friendship on the Internet may not be strong, because human emotions can not be replaced by symbols, but communication in the Internet has the right to exist as a communication method, according to Russian experts …

“Online friendship, especially when the sides do not know each other personally, is dangerous with its impersonality.

“‘Such a dialogue is always associated with the temptation to substitute real life with a virtual one. The interlocutor is no longer perceived as a living person and becomes a character set. Like in a computer game, we are not afraid to shoot and kill, and on the Internet, we are not afraid to say bad things, bad things that would never be used in a real conversation.’…

“”Friendship – it’s like a family, there is joy, there are sorrows, good and bad temper, quarrels and reconciliation. And when you’re dealing with a person without seeing or knowing him at all, you are not interested in his personal life. I do not think that that on the Internet someone will complain about his partner or job; typically correspondence comes down to “Hi, how are you?.”’

“Meanwhile psychologist Tatiana Popova of the Charitable Foundation “Family and Childhood” is sure socializing with friends on the Internet has a right to exist.

“‘This is a modern form of communication, just like in real life, relationships may be real and relationships on the Internet can be a substitution; in reality there is a certain ratio of these friends and acquaintances, as well and on the Internet…’ – she said.

“Sein said that the desire to have many friends on the social networks is more like a competition. ‘If a person has a lot of friends in the social media, he is popular. This is neither friendship nor even simple communication.’

“According to Alder ,.. ‘We need to clearly understand how many of these people you actually know, how many are ready to help you, and how many of them will help you in a difficult situation,’ – the expert emphasizes.

“Sein said …’Even communicating on the phone is better than the Internet. With verbal communication, when you hear the intonations, it is more intimate contact than correspondence on the Internet. …

“Alder asserts that removing your social media accounts can be a wonderful tool to understand who your real friends are and who are virtual. …

“According to Seynova, the uniqueness of Internet communication is that it provides an opportunity to speak out. ‘But this does not stem from friendship, but the effect of the possibility to be insincere, knowing that they they will never see each other. …’”.

Answer: Humanity is undergoing a period of recognizing the evil in its egoistic nature so that it will be able to hate it and to totally give it up. Our whole social evolution has been only for the sake of our ascent to the next level, to the full mutual connection between all the people, in which the upper world and its plan is felt, which means reaching the level of the Creator.

The development of communication in social media accelerates the process and brings us to the recognition of how vital it is to feel one another directly, without effort, as one body.

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The Nuclear Plant In Dimona Should Be Shut Down

laitman_600_01Question: Israeli journalist Yossi Melman writes that the life cycle of the nuclear plant in Dimona has ended and that there is nothing to replace it. As we know, the plant was bought in 1963 from France and has served as a deterrent to armed forces surrounding Israel. According to the foreign press, during the years the reactor was active, Israel built more than 200 different types of nuclear warheads, and according to the data published by the Swedish Institute for Peace, Israel has built 80 warheads.

Will the process of national unity you speak about so often replace the nuclear plant or should the two exist side by side?

Answer: A nuclear plant is a necessary means for restraining external forces until we unite.

A nuclear potential, a strong army, armed forces, an air force, submarines, and space innovations are means used to protect the country and therefore are important. This is true until we come to our senses and begin to use the true weapon we have, not against anyone but for others.

It is time we realized that neutralizing the evil forces in the world and especially turning them into positive forces comes down to our unity.

Consequently, we will oblige all the other nations to unite whether they want to or not. Everyone will come up to Mt. Zion and together we will build the Third Temple.

Question: How, will we disarm, because over the years a huge military potential has accumulated?

Answer: This potential will simple fall out of our hands without polluting the earth, what is more, we will understand how to neutralize nuclear technologies and how to recycle them. Humanity doesn’t need outdated nuclear energy. The world will have totally new sources of energy.

We only have to open our minds and then we will discover totally new natural laws and will see how much energy is concealed in nature. We will only need energy according to Einstein’s theory: Е=mc2 and we will receive it easily. Humanity will not need ancient, coarse, heavy capacitive technologies.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/28/16

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New Life #370 – An Approach to Life: The Feminine In A Connected World, Part 1

New Life #370 – An Approach to Life: Femininity In An Integral World, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

How can society raise the importance of women correctly and what is the special role a woman has in an integral world, and how can she fulfill herself in combination with her family life?


We in are living in a time of great uncertainty. The family is breaking up and the labor market is about to undergo a great change:

Good relations between people are going to become essential and the female force has a great responsibility in this respect.

In this era of communication, even a housewife who is at home with a baby or two can be connected.

The labor market will change because of technology. People will be required to engage in creating interpersonal connections.
From KabTV’s “New Life #370 – An Approach to Life: Femininity In An Integral World, Part 1,” 5/15/14

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