The Nuclear Plant In Dimona Should Be Shut Down

laitman_600_01Question: Israeli journalist Yossi Melman writes that the life cycle of the nuclear plant in Dimona has ended and that there is nothing to replace it. As we know, the plant was bought in 1963 from France and has served as a deterrent to armed forces surrounding Israel. According to the foreign press, during the years the reactor was active, Israel built more than 200 different types of nuclear warheads, and according to the data published by the Swedish Institute for Peace, Israel has built 80 warheads.

Will the process of national unity you speak about so often replace the nuclear plant or should the two exist side by side?

Answer: A nuclear plant is a necessary means for restraining external forces until we unite.

A nuclear potential, a strong army, armed forces, an air force, submarines, and space innovations are means used to protect the country and therefore are important. This is true until we come to our senses and begin to use the true weapon we have, not against anyone but for others.

It is time we realized that neutralizing the evil forces in the world and especially turning them into positive forces comes down to our unity.

Consequently, we will oblige all the other nations to unite whether they want to or not. Everyone will come up to Mt. Zion and together we will build the Third Temple.

Question: How, will we disarm, because over the years a huge military potential has accumulated?

Answer: This potential will simple fall out of our hands without polluting the earth, what is more, we will understand how to neutralize nuclear technologies and how to recycle them. Humanity doesn’t need outdated nuclear energy. The world will have totally new sources of energy.

We only have to open our minds and then we will discover totally new natural laws and will see how much energy is concealed in nature. We will only need energy according to Einstein’s theory: Е=mc2 and we will receive it easily. Humanity will not need ancient, coarse, heavy capacitive technologies.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/28/16

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