Nuclear Weapons Deter Wars

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergey Karaganov, Dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International HSE National Research University, founder of Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, chairman of the editorial board of Russia in Global Affairs): “In the world, there are two groups of people who support the reduction of nuclear weapons:

“Those who understand the immorality of deterrence because punishing someone with nuclear weapons means destroying millions of lives. …

“Those who want to make the world safer to be freer in using conventional weapons. …

“Now the chance of accidental nuclear war is diminished. Nuclear weapons are sent to us by the Almighty to save humankind because if not for nuclear weapons, confrontation and the Cold War would have ended in World War III. …

“This does not happen just because any large-scale change in power, which could lead to the escalation of an armed conflict, is excluded. And the priority of the current generation of politicians is formed in such a way as to prevent such an outcome. …

“If there were no nuclear deterrent, we would have lived in a more terrible world. Without nuclear weapons, millions of Europeans would be brutally destroying each other for centuries.”

My Comment: It is correct for the time being, but everything depends on the “boiling point.” According to Kabbalah, if we do not start restructuring towards the next level of our existence, to a society of equality, unity, mutual guarantee, then the 3rd and 4th nuclear world wars will surely break out.

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