A Pyramid That Turns Into A Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will all the aspirations disappear in the integral society? I doubt if anyone will want to manage or to take on an important project.

Answer: On the contrary, there will be the option of mutual completion, and there will be no need to aspire to be a manager. The fact that I aspire to advance doesn’t mean that it is better. When there is unity and integral support, there is the annulment of the gaps between different positions.

Then, we all work as one team. Notice what happens in the family when everyone worries about everyone. After all, a small child in the family is more important than the grownups. He manages the family! He determines what is important in the family. The family works for him and first and foremost provides everything that he needs!

Truly the right team is “round,” not a “pyramid.” Although there is a section in the form of a pyramid, it is only in the professional sense and not more than that.

What I can do is higher, and what the other can do is lower. But in the company, we are all equal, and the manager is the one who knows how to manage. However, everyone obeys him gladly!
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/6/13

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