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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Could we take the ready forms of integral unity and implement them now at the workplace?

Answer: No. If you begin to implement this at workplaces it would be pure communism, it will not work. You should gradually bring people to an integral level; otherwise, nothing will come out.

To the extent of people’s spiritual advancement, interconnection, to the feeling that they are a community, and work is something common for them, to the extent that they feel that their contributions determine the fate of the company, which is clearly reflected on them, on their interaction, on their moral and material fulfillment, then it is possible to start these actions.

Moreover, it is necessary to show that since we have eliminated some problems and reduced unnecessary cost due to our good cooperation, we can afford to raise wages to the lowest paid workers by 20%, and the highest paid workers are ready to reduce their salaries by 5%.

Question: How can we make these decisions; after all, everyone has a different level of development?

Answer: It is necessary to establish certain criteria: absenteeism, number of sick days, the quality of output, speed, and reliability. It is necessary to consider all the factors that exist in the enterprise: depreciation, the level of saved energy, the amount of human and material resources, etc.

Then, it will be clear how much you have succeeded as a result of correct relationships with each other when everyone relates to others as in one family: Save energy, do not create any problems, take care and support each other, etc. According to this, you can raise salaries or do something else. And people will be proud!

These decisions are taken by the local committee, which includes the most spiritual, collectively conscious people, from cleaning personnel to vice presidents, who together discuss this at a roundtable, and moreover feel absolutely equal.

The local committee is a selected group of people who represent the entire company. They are not promoted according to a prepared list, but directly at the general meeting where the whole team selects and votes for them. This is a part of their collective unity, based on the analysis of who can really express their opinion.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/5/13

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