If I Want, I Punish; If I Want, I Pardon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are all the thoughts of employers reduced to profit? They are not stupid people and understand that if you do useful things for people, profit will not disappear. It will still remain. Why can they not set a goal to do something for people?

Answer: Our society does not support this idea. A person, especially in Russia, is considered tougher and stronger the more he takes advantage of others, subjecting them to himself. If I brazenly earn at the expense of others and if they even know about this, then I feel even more a hero, the manager, suppressing others.

This “cult of personality” lives in every person, and, if I want, I can use it. To do this, I must show myself as a despot in spite of everything else. As written in ancient codices, “What kind of a king is he who has not executed hundreds of his subjects every year?” Otherwise, where can he get respect? Where is the sense that he decides the fate of people?

So, if I want to put my company in serious order, I have no choice but to fire a couple of employees. I introduce the policy of the carrot and the stick. One should be reprimanded, the other patted on the back. Otherwise, how can people understand me?

That is still a common practice that operates in many places. Movies, commercials, and the news show that managers still rely on this rigid hierarchy of fear and pressure.

However, if we want to keep pace with natural development, we must be engaged in education, changing the human being according to nature, that is, with those desires and properties that are developing in us today.

Development is leading us to an integral, interdependent world, to companies with a voluntary, friendly connection between people where everything is decided collectively—as they say, with the collective mind—and is based on advice, support, and so on. In other words, the general, collective mind is developing, which ultimately leads to correct decisions. Indeed, attracting an intelligent person brought up in a collective spirit to management can provide many new ideas for the structure of enterprises, and for decision making and output: for all the issues. Today, we have come to this state.

However, still, many companies and organizations are regulated by force. We will have to switch to a completely different integral method.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/5/13

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