A Universal Necessity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today business owners have already guessed that the most valuable human capital is collective knowledge and skills and they want to use it. They understand that for the mind to realize this itself, rigid hierarchical structures must give way to soft, self-regulating ones.

But in Russia for example, people are used to a very rigid hierarchy: the “tzar-father,” the breadwinner, the business owner. Is it worthwhile to switch to a new structure? Will people want self-regulation?

Answer: Whether people want or not, it doesn’t depend on them. Nature gradually changes human needs and that is why they will still have to come to this.

Now is the time to establish these values. People see that they do not know how to arrange life; there is devastation, the struggle to survive, huge bills, friction, power, and pressure. Everything which can be replaced by normal relationships is controlled by the power structures of crime or the state.

I do not blame anyone; it is just a transition period. But, in principle, the path to the future lies in choice: Either we wait for nature to mercilessly put pressure on us, forcing us to change or we will consciously match ourselves to the integral system of nature.

By the way, in this respect, Russia is not far from America. Americans are great individualists. They do not take other people into account and can openly do whatever they please. If it is profitable to do so, then I will do it; I will even use others as stepping stones just to win. And the side that loses everything understands that it is the law of harsh business, which has also taken root in Russia.

So, in this respect, both these countries are similar to each other. That is why they will have to undergo a serious readjustment of values and enter into a new system. It will be very difficult, especially for America.

It will be a little easier for Europe because it has a different culture; there is a connection among people and it softens them.

Russians also have an inner connection, “We are a people, we are a community,” and that is why their transition could be easier. But still they will need integral education.

I must say that the Russian people are very open to this. They are inclined to education. The TV, the media—all this is ready to be directed from above. If the government had accepted the idea of moving towards a similarity to nature as a universal necessity and started to implement this, then the Russians would have succeeded quickly and easily; it would have been declared at the top and accepted at the bottom.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/5/13

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