On Whose Side Is Success?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do businessmen with little or no education have so much success recently? What is their strength? Why are the best results attained sometimes by leaders who have no experience or even knowledge?

Answer: This happens because the connection of the linear, egoistic connection of “you for me and I for you,” that is, the system of pure capitalism, has stopped working. The world has entered into an integral connection where everyone is connected to everyone, since through a chain of five people who know each other each person on the Earth is connected to all the rest.

In this system, the old connections don’t work anymore, and other connections are required that are based on understanding and the feeling of connection and unity between people. Thus, the first place is taken not by Stalin’s principles of rigid pressure, and not the American principles built on competitiveness, but the principles of mutual connection.

The ones who win are the ones who can build good and correct human relations and not at the expense of finance, commerce, business, etc.

Thus, success will now be on the side of those people, even though they are not great professionals. And if now I need to choose a director of the plant, I would take someone who simply knows how to work with people, and by his side would always be a specialist.

Today what is important is synergy, the connection between people and the ability to assemble a good, friendly team that will be as one whole so that everyone will feel good, including the workers’ families, their children, their wives and husbands.

If people connect between them, then they will find greater similarity to all systems and immediately will begin to succeed. This stems from nature itself, from somewhere in the roots from which comes the vital force, the nourishment, the moisture, and then a successful mutual connection grows.

If a person has the right approach to the team, to reciprocity, to the integral connection between people, then he can direct anyone. He will always be able to find an expert in each area, and if these specialists work in a cohesive friendly way with the team, then they will succeed.

Today this is the main work in a company, the main role! But basically, there is a need for many of these people who constantly hold the team together in the spirit of integration to rise above the egoistic outbursts of each one.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/5/13

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  1. Dear Dr Laitman,

    Can you elaborate a little bit about the Friday night dinner ceremony. What is the meaning of it according to Kabbalah?
    We do it every Friday night with family and friend. reading Eshet Chail and the rest. It feels good, It feels like a description or an invitation for some higher state- connection. What exactly it is all about?

    Many thanks,

  2. More and more ordinary people are coming to understand how important interdependance is and working together volutarily in a positive spirit for the benefit of all. It really isn’t rocket science. Keeping to the basics supports a stable foundation that see us through during this global transformation and rebalancing of all the sectors that become corrupt.

    Thank you.

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