The Consequences Of Insight

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, economist): “2012 became a critical year for the world’s financial, economic and political elite: They have realized the inevitability of the continuing crisis and that they cannot maintain the basis of social and political stability of the modern Western (liberal-democratic) society; the existing model of the state cannot be saved because the economy will be too much destroyed and the standard of living will fall too much. That is, a new model of state is needed.

“Who will the world elite entrust with the development of new concepts of state and society? They should be marginals, mentally prepared to become the leaders of the mainstream. These people should be reasonable conformists, not denying the elite and its status; no one needs revolutionaries, even if they are the most brilliant scientists. In addition to these innovators, there should be organizers and administrators who will turn ideas into schools, universities and the methods of practice.

“In this case, as soon as something interesting appears, the entire mainstream will begin to push it down, otherwise it will cease to be the mainstream; it means that cash flow will fall drastically.

“An understanding that the current state of economics should be changed already exists, but there are no active steps in this direction. In the developed countries, serious changes in personnel have begun; this means that the “special” hour is approaching…”

My Comment: You cannot build a new socio-economic system without the knowledge of the true laws of Nature and society that only a Kabbalist can know. The world will hit the wall again and an even greater, more disappointing crisis until, inevitability, our dissemination reveals to the elite the need for restructuring according to the laws of nature and not their innovators.

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