How Do We Receive The Light?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must understand that the future is on our hands. We are the ones who determine it. If we sit idly, nothing good will happen. We mustn’t think about ourselves; we must worry about how to bring the method of correction to people and begin fulfilling it.

The dissemination, itself, is actually the fulfillment. It is because a person changes—his thoughts and desires change, and his attitude to the world—and so, he already bestows. It isn’t the physical actions that are so important here, but the inner changes that affect the spiritual system that manages the world.

So, I invite everyone who is with us to come closer, and what is most important is to invest in dissemination. Today, it concerns Israel first. We can “sweeten” the economic situation and the state of security without waiting for disasters to happen.

In fact, even viewing our lessons has an impact. After all, by that a person “absorbs” the idea of Baal HaSulam and the entire chain of Kabbalists that descends to him from the upper force. He learns about the system of creation and the principles that it operates and is operated by, and thus participates in the process of his own freewill to some extent, and this is his investment.

Question: There are many influential people today among the viewers of our TV channel in Israel, people who are among the decision makers in the country.

Answer: They actually don’t decide anything. The decisions come entirely from the Creator, from the Light, but we can be incorporated there to some extent and make an impact.

In any case, no one determines anything in this world. The plan is very simple. We, humans, are below and above us is the source of Light that brings us bestowal. We can bestow upon the Creator according to the law of equivalence of form (∾). Then the Light that comes makes a turn and already is felt differently by us. We raise MAN and ask the Creator to give us the preparation and the readiness to receive His Light and to be compatible with Him.

How Do We Receive The Light?
The Light is the giver and I am the one who receives. I ask that He will let me bestow a little. If I cannot really bestow, then I want the minimal adaptability, at least, so that there will be a connection between us, so that we will not be opposite from one another.

This is the request for correction that I raise. Then, we begin to act, to connect. Thus, we cooperate with the Light.

However, when we don’t raise MAN, the Light brings us suffering and turns to darkness and terrible sufferings.

There is no other force but the Light, but it operates on us through the front or by its posterior. This means that everything depends on how we receive it. Our action is in preparing ourselves to receive it correctly. It depends on a person and to the extent that he understands, feels, and is ready to advance. Eventually, our awareness must grow.

I do hope that more people will listen to us and will learn what we have to say. Our Internet sites and our TV channel may do the work, and we will not need to look for other channels in order to reach people.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/13, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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