All We Need Is Love To Restore Balance In The World


A question I received: How do you picture the next blow?

My Answer: All the prophets spoke exclusively about our time. None of them described their contemporary epoch. All their predictions refer to the time when humanity would begin to unite. This is because our only opportunity to realize our freedom of will lies specifically in this action. At all other times and in all other actions, we are robots.

If we refuse to realize (to correct) ourselves, suffering (catastrophes, misfortunes, epidemics) are in store for us, in accordance with our common ego. Kabbalah discusses the possibility of a world nuclear war if we fail to reach a proper connection among ourselves. It is the same egoistic connection between people that manifests as their illnesses, wars, and other misfortunes.

Personally, I am confident that, with the opportunities that are available to us now, we will make it on time. We will be balancing during a dangerous state, but it will turn into a corrected one.
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