For The Sake Of The Family, I’d Do Anything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is the concept “motivation” that means the inner desires of a person. And there is the concept ”influence,” which is when we influence a fellow worker to awaken different kinds of desires in him. In any case, where does the motivation of the workers and managers need to come from: the inside or the outside?

Answer: It should come not from the workers or the managers, but from the experts in the study of integral education who work for this company and understand what more they can do in order to create fulfillment within a team. Man needs to feel a reward not at the end of the month when he receives a paycheck, but directly while he is working.

“I work together with everyone. Interesting events are set up for us, candies are distributed during work, presents are sent to my wife and children,” etc.

All of these are small things. But together with this, a person feels warmth, feels reward. For him, work turns into a continuation of the family. Since the family is mine, I am prepared to give to it! I work for its sake! And the more I work, the more pleasure I receive from my giving to it. And even by chopping away at myself! It has an additional effect, meaning, the effect of self-sacrifice. There is something like this in a person, especially in Russia.

But one needs to use this with extreme caution, delicately, so that it creates these fulfillments and abundance in a person so that he will appreciate the work thanks to its inner feeling that would attract a person and connect him to a place. It would give him motivation to feel that he works in a family and for the sake of the family. Maybe it’s a false feeling, but if it appears, then the person doesn’t obstruct his fellow workers, doesn’t ruin the society’s equipment, saves electricity, etc.

Suddenly we discover these reservoirs and opportunities in it that we don’t even need to force him to save or do something else according to instructions. It won’t work that way!

And as if here, everything is done automatically. The main thing is to awaken this motivation in a person, this feeling that he works in the environment just like he does at home! This feeling invites huge resources.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/6/13

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