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Women Are ISIS’s Best Publicists

laitman_222Question: According to an Internet analysis of ISIS’s PR campaign, the major publicists of ideas and clips are women. They are actively involved in the proliferation of videos, are more persistent, and can persuade people more concretely.

They are the ones who actually put horrible videos of murders and of children executing adults on the Internet. The question is how can a woman, a mother, view murders and death so complacently and even promote it on the Internet?

Answer: It is simple. She knows that this is how she will lead her people forward—her nation, her religion, and her children—thus attaining a brighter future for them and, more importantly, the next world for Allah. She does it with full comprehension of what makes great business.

The fact is that it is much easier to convince a woman than a man. It isn’t hard to guide her. She gives in much more easily to religious views. The same women who have read nothing in their life but a couple of “holy” books are very fanatic and easy to manage.

Islamization is a great problem for the citizens of Europe and for the world because there is no way to stop it. The Europeans are weak and cannot resist it; they don’t see the strength in themselves to fight back and put barriers to stop the spread of fanatic masses.

I don’t see any power that will be able to stop the spread of militant Islam, other than the method of integral education. Only it, due to the special force, the Upper Light, within it, can stop this green plague.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/13/16

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Corporeal Problems And Spiritual Development

laitman_627_1Question: Should a woman have only one spiritual root that ties her to one man while a man can have several women?

Answer: We shouldn’t tie corporeal problems to spiritual development. We develop both physically and spiritually and the two aspects should not be mixed.

Personally I don’t interfere and don’t give my students any advice.

Adults who come to study the wisdom of Kabbalah are interested in spiritual development, so focus on that and study it! Other than that, our physical body has different requirements and natural needs (food, sex, family, money, respect, control, and knowledge) and we have to fulfill them to the degree that doesn’t interfere with our spiritual development.

There is no need to delve into the psychology of the corporeal bodies. It has nothing to do with the wisdom of Kabbalah. We have to engage in our spiritual development and from ourselves we will draw advice for ourselves and our family life.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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How Can One Hasten Advancement Along The Spiritual Path?

laitman_238_01I hear complaints from students that advancement toward the goal is slow. I wonder what is meant by “slow” or “fast” and are you “hastening” advancement on the way. It is possible to hasten it only through the right environment. We cannot disregard this; it is worthwhile reading what Rabash and Baal HaSulam wrote on the subject.

If you think that something is not okay and is bad, I would repeat again that “bad” is only a particular state if a person doesn’t have the right environment! And a person must constantly strengthen it. It cannot be the right environment on its own; so until the end, until the end of correction, you will only need to strengthen the environment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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The Difference Between The Wisdom Of Kabbalah And Religion

laitman_234Question: Can we say that the difference between you and religious people is that for them the actions come first and then the intention, while for you it is the opposite, the intention is first and then comes the action?

Answer: This is basically true and this is also what our teacher Baal HaSulam says in “The Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot and in the article the “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose” and in many other places, but this isn’t just about a difference of priorities between the actions and the intentions, it is the rebuilding and rearrangement of a person and the incorporation of all his thoughts and goals in the action that he performs. It is changing the actual action from a mechanical action to an action that leads to unity, love, and the revelation of the Creator in this world.

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Doubts At Mount Sinai

laitman_740_03Torah, Deuteronomy 4:11 – 4:14: And you approached and stood at the foot of the mountain, and the mountain burned with fire up to the midst of the heavens, with darkness, a cloud, and opaque darkness. The Lord spoke to you out of the midst of the fire; you heard the sound of the words, but saw no image, just a voice. And He told you His covenant, which He commanded you to do, the Ten Commandments, and He inscribed them on two stone tablets and the Lord commanded me at that time to teach you statutes and ordinances, so that you should do them in the land to which you are crossing to possess.

The Creator speaks to the people out of the flaming mountain that symbolizes a huge, burning egoism. He commands them to overcome this egoism in order to unite with Him and to carve the tablets of the Covenant on their hearts and cut Ten Commandments on their flesh, meaning ten qualities in which they will adhere to the Creator. Then, their stony hearts will turn into a living ones.

Only under such conditions will they be able to enter the land of Israel and begin the correction of their animal nature to human.

Question: Why do they stand beneath the mountain and not climb it?

Answer: So far, they are unable to climb to the top. The mountain hanging over them represents an enormous hatred that divides them, but they don’t feel it completely yet. They understand that they need to climb to the top, but their desires are so small that they remain below the mountain. Therefore, only Moses, being their spiritual representative, climbs the mountain.

The mountain (Har) from the word “Hirurim,” which means “doubts” symbolizes various problems that divide people and they have no idea how to overcome them and rise above them.

Therefore, they tell Moses, “We are afraid to approach the mountain. It burns and buzzes like a volcano that can erupt any minute! It radiates hatred. If the volcano erupts, we will tear each other to pieces. You climb and we will stay here.”

To the extent that the children of Israel correct their egoism, it becomes revealed to them as a mountain of hatred. It will be this way until the end of correction. Love always is attained above hatred.

They begin to feel what they are going for, but they don’t understand it fully yet because a person is only shown the part of egoism that he can correct. How can it be otherwise? Is it possible to entrust a serious job to a child?

Question: But was Moses given an ability to see and feel this?

Answer: Moses is the attribute of absolute bestowal that leads them. Despite the fact that their egoism resists and doesn’t want this, the point in the heart pulls them forward. Even if a person doesn’t really want it, he still rushes upward because the point in the heart is stronger, higher, and lighter than he is.

It says to a person, “If you don’t wish to go with me and you despise my moving forward, you will become worse than an animal.” A person, even out of egoism and out of his pride, can’t agree with it. Therefore, he follows the point in the heart against his will. This is our life.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/17/15

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A Generation Of Loafers

laitman_926_01In the News (Russian Bazaar): “43% of unemployed Americans do not want to seek employment. 59% of the unemployed are accustomed to an idle life, and have been doing nothing for more than two years. These are the conclusions of experts from the Harris research firm. …

“The country’s social stratum of ‘lifelong dependents’ has dramatically expanded (to about 40 million people). These people are convinced that modern man has a right not to work, and the presence of permanent income is not a cause for pride. …

“According to new trends, nearly a third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 are not going to make a living on their own. This category is planning to live at the expense of their parents, and expects to receive an inheritance from their parents. …

“Paradoxically, in the present circumstances is sometimes more profitable to not leave children a penny, than any savings. …

“As long as there is money, they do not even think about work. …

“‘Working Americans are no different from slaves 200 years ago – says the 25-year-old activist BLM Audrey J. – These people have chains and collars. They feel free. In fact, they are simply psychologically zombified. … Hard work – is evidence of weakness and submission to a cruel system. ‘ …

“In the 30 to 39 year-old age group, one in every five Americans is not going to look for a job every five Americans. …

“Federal, state and municipal programs are constantly updated and extended, so the ‘experienced’ people know how to squeeze out the maximum state aid in the form of food, shelter, cash, health insurance and so on. …

“About 40 million people are not willing to work and still another 30 million profit from the fact that these 40 million do not work. …

“If the trend continues …, then in the near future, the number of unemployed will be 3 – 4 times the number of employed (Clinton’s program is destroying the capitalist business model, finally turning the US into the likeness of Venezuela).”

My Comment: The trend is clear. and it is generated by the lifestyle and desire of the elite. On one hand, there is no need for everyone to work. Not working is actually better for nature and the environment. It is more useful for society to study and to be educated. This should be everyone’s mandatory occupation!

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The Frustration Of Globalization

laitman_272In the News (Vesti Finance): “International assistance to poor countries based on the principle of Robin Hood: Take from the rich and give to the poor. …

“Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton, writes about this idea in his article on the Project Syndicate.

“’A more formal term for this Robin Hood principle is ‘Cosmopolitan prioritarianism.’ This is an ethical principle that we need to think about all of the world equally, regardless of who lives where, and to channel their assistance to those who need it most. Those who have less are given priority over those who have more. Directly or indirectly, this philosophy is the basis of the distribution of all allocated to economic development aid, health and humanitarian emergencies. The needs of the people in poor countries are more urgent, and the level of prices in these countries is so low that for every dollar or euro of aid, two or three times more can be done than at home. …

“‘Globalization saving people in the poorest countries, proved to be harmful to the inhabitants of the rich countries, as some businesses and jobs migrated to countries where labor is cheaper. It seems that this phenomenon is an ethically acceptable price, because those who lose from globalization were much richer (and healthier) those who won. …

“‘Yet how much do these Americans suffer from globalization? Are they doing much much better than Asians, who now work in the factories that once settled in their cities? In general, of course, better. But a few million Americans, including blacks, whites and Hispanics, now live in households with a per capita income of less than $ 2 a day. This, in essence, is the same standard that the World Bank uses to determine the level of poverty in India or Africa. With this income in the US it is so difficult to find a roof over their heads, that the poverty with incomes of less than $ 2 a day in the US is definitely much worse than similar poverty in India or Africa. Cities that have lost plants due to globalization, and lost their tax base, are now finding it difficult to maintain high-quality school education, and with it – a chance for a better life for the next generation. Elite schools are gaining rich children to pay their bills, and at the same time fawn the minorities, offsetting centuries of discrimination. …

“‘It annoys the representatives of the white labor class, whose children have no place in this brave new world.

“‘When citizens believe that the elite cares more about those who live overseas, than about those who live across the street, the social contract is broken, we are divided into groups, with those who remain behind experiencing frustration and anger against a policy that no longer serves their interests.’”

My Comment: Do not be confused: it is not globalization when plants from a rich counter are relocated in poor countries in order to profit from cheap labor.

Globalization is a common, harmonious, mutual relationship that gives the main result of overall interrelations that begin in a small community and spreads throughout the whole world.

The term “globalization” indicates that we are mutually connected, and therefore live harmoniously with nature, which should positively affect everyone. We need to build mutual relations between us in the same way on every level.

The main tool to achieve that is educating people, since by educating them we provide them with the knowledge about the global interdependency of humanity. On the other hand, partial use of the aspects of globalization will only increase the current crisis.

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New Life 700 – The Sabbath Customs

New Life 700 – The Sabbath Customs
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Man belongs to the animal world and the difference between him and animals is the desire to know what he is living for. Abraham taught that the question about the meaning of life leads a person to the revelation of the upper force. To discover the upper world, we have to correct the evil inclination in us, our ego.

The Sabbath candles symbolize the Light that comes unto us as a result of the corrections we perform during the six weekdays.

We have to resemble the upper force and become loving and giving according to the plan of creation. Abraham discovered that there is a special force in nature that can help us accomplish this mission, which is the force of the Light, the force of love and giving. Therefore we light two candles, which symbolize the two kinds of Light: the Light of correction of the different parts of the ego and the Light of filling.

When we light the Sabbath candles we should think about getting closer to the love of others. When the egoistic desire is corrected, it is called a soul and it operates with the intention of love and bestowal like the Creator.

Why is it the woman who lights the candles, why do we cover the eyes, and why do we bless? These customs stem from spiritual roots that symbolize the corrections we have to perform. The wine symbolizes the Light of Hochma and the bread symbolizes the Light of Hassadim.

When we sing the song “Welcome the Angels of Peace,” we sing about the forces that correct the desire to receive into bestowal. These correcting forces turn a person into a loving person who bestows unto others and then he discovers the upper world. “Oneg Shabbat” (the pleasure of Sabbath) symbolizes the great Light that a person who has corrected his ego in the spiritual state called the “Sabbath.”
From KabTV’s “New Life 700 – The Sabbath Customs,” 3/8/16

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