The Difference Between The Wisdom Of Kabbalah And Religion

laitman_234Question: Can we say that the difference between you and religious people is that for them the actions come first and then the intention, while for you it is the opposite, the intention is first and then comes the action?

Answer: This is basically true and this is also what our teacher Baal HaSulam says in “The Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot and in the article the “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose” and in many other places, but this isn’t just about a difference of priorities between the actions and the intentions, it is the rebuilding and rearrangement of a person and the incorporation of all his thoughts and goals in the action that he performs. It is changing the actual action from a mechanical action to an action that leads to unity, love, and the revelation of the Creator in this world.

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  1. I didnt understand. Isnt intention action? Or other way?

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