Women Are ISIS’s Best Publicists

laitman_222Question: According to an Internet analysis of ISIS’s PR campaign, the major publicists of ideas and clips are women. They are actively involved in the proliferation of videos, are more persistent, and can persuade people more concretely.

They are the ones who actually put horrible videos of murders and of children executing adults on the Internet. The question is how can a woman, a mother, view murders and death so complacently and even promote it on the Internet?

Answer: It is simple. She knows that this is how she will lead her people forward—her nation, her religion, and her children—thus attaining a brighter future for them and, more importantly, the next world for Allah. She does it with full comprehension of what makes great business.

The fact is that it is much easier to convince a woman than a man. It isn’t hard to guide her. She gives in much more easily to religious views. The same women who have read nothing in their life but a couple of “holy” books are very fanatic and easy to manage.

Islamization is a great problem for the citizens of Europe and for the world because there is no way to stop it. The Europeans are weak and cannot resist it; they don’t see the strength in themselves to fight back and put barriers to stop the spread of fanatic masses.

I don’t see any power that will be able to stop the spread of militant Islam, other than the method of integral education. Only it, due to the special force, the Upper Light, within it, can stop this green plague.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/13/16

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