ISIS—Alphabet For Terrorists

Laitman_200_02Question: The “Islamic State” terrorist organization has developed an application for kids for Android smart phones. This software enables children to learn the Arabic alphabet, but in a special way. The letter “Dal,” for example, corresponds to the word “Dbaba (tank),” “Saad” corresponds to “Sruch (missile),” “Meim” to “Midfa (cannon),” and so on. What can such a method lead to?

Answer: It will turn the children into soldiers. Any tyranny wants to recruit children to its army, so it is all very clear.

Of course, I feel sorry for these children. I doubt whether they will grow up to be normal members of society because their mental condition is affected by such methods.

Children need affection. They need to learn to cooperate, to sing and dance together, they need care, and they need to play. This approach should continue until the age of nine, and from the age of nine until 13, they gradually need to learn about life, but the study shouldn’t be based on hatred since it may harm a child’s psychology.

Education cannot be based on hatred because it is against the main law of nature that is aimed only at unity and love. We see how it is revealed more and more in the world today between all of the parts of creation. By wanting to separate and to divide nations and states, we go against nature, and therefore first and foremost, we suffer from this.

Question: How will this be echoed back?

Answer: It is already echoing.

There are two billion, if not more, supporters of Islam today all over the world. What happens to them? Are they happy? Do they have a normal state? Do they have a well-established system of mutual help? Everything is distorted, corrupted, and destroyed because today’s Islam is not the original Islam but rather a movement that demands sacrifices. And this is what they are prepared for.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/11/16

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