Sadiq Khan, The New Mayor Of London

Laitman_419Comment: The Labor representative of Pakistan origin Sadiq Khan won the election for mayor of London with  57% of the votes compared to 43% of the votes that his Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith received. Now all the papers say that a chain of Moslem mayors is expected in Europe.

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Islam will conquer Europe both by terror and by governance. Eventually all of Europe will be conquered even gradually in a democratic way. One man crosses the border and makes his way to the continent and lives in a slum and after a while rises to power, like Sadiq Khan. The Creator’s plans are implemented in an absolutely perfect way and there is no way we can escape them. Europe will become Muslim.

Comment: It is important to note that Sadiq Khan speaks nicely and claims that he is a democrat and that London is the capital of the world where all the races and nations live together.

Answer: Of course, since according to the Islamic belief, it should become the world religion and everyone should gather under the green flag, which means being loyal to the prophet Mohamed.

Question: Does this mean that you believe that Sadiq Khan also holds this belief?

Answer: Without a doubt. This is what the Muslims want and this is what they will achieve. It is clearly expressed throughout their history. After all, Islam supports the strengthening of the family and is against alcohol and drug consumption, etc. It is a religion that offers a stable way of life that appeals to many, especially in such an unstable time in Europe.

Question: What does that mean with regard to Israel?

Answer: Soon we will not be able to fly to Europe because the attitude toward Israelis will be very unfriendly, like in Nazi Germany. Tourists may be robbed and kidnapped as hostages and even killed.

We have to come to our senses and realize that we are creating these problems, that we have elected the mayor of London; it is actually us, the Jews here in Israel and not somewhere else. We have to establish a new society here that is based on integral education, a society in which everyone is mutually connected not under any special flag but under the flag of mutual love relations.

Unless we understand that our mission is to be Light unto the nations of the world, things will be very bad and we will receive blows. The blows will, of course, eventually help and will force us to unite, but the question is why it should be after so much suffering.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/8/16

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