The Last Myth…

Laitman_022In the News (from “Among the volunteers who are ready to go to Jihad in Syria, there are two groups who are prominent (reaching 40%), who have not previously been seen in the background; girls and converts (those who change their religion). What drives them to go there is a distorted perception of humanity.

“The instability in modern marriages, that these girls have witnessed, symbolizes that the ‘eternal’ alliance with the warrior for the faith, unites within her yearnings for a romantic relationship that cannot be destroyed and love that gets religious approval. This makes it possible for them to get rid of the unhealthy friendly relationships between boys and girls in the monotonous world of the West, which is devoid of large-scale violence.

“The military situation, the myth of Islamic purity that ISIS possesses, the heroic image of men, and the honorable role of the mother, this entire world, that is so much unlike their precious corner in which violence has become entertainment, becomes a real magnet for them; at least for a while.”

My Comment: The same people who were also enthusiastic about Russia and Cuba and other nations, and then they all died, without even growing old. Revolutions devour the bodies of the young. The young don’t understand that a revolution must take place in the soul and not in violence towards others, not in violence between bodies, but through efforts to rise above ourselves, above the world. As long as they don’t understand this, they will flow to battlefields that are devoid of all meaning. Ultimately, their energy will be directed against the Jews, of course, because the other true revolution has been hidden by the Jews from themselves, and from them.

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