The Screen People

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Radah Granovskaya, PhD, professor, Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine): “Today, young people perceive greater amounts of new material more quickly. They don’t read books and the speed in which changes occur around them is 50 times greater today and with different ways of processing the information.

Children view the world differently. Their perception isn’t consecutive or sequential and not in the form of text. They see a whole picture, perceive information according to the principle of a ‘clip’ and they only need the general picture.

“Clip psychology also works in school and the textbooks are not really books anymore. Students read just a small section of a text and a week later another section. Thus they read many different small sections from different textbooks.This means that school actually offers them clips.

“There are, of course, kids who still think in a consecutive, sequential manner and who need various forms of information. It is isn’t by chance that people who still belong to this old school thinking are called the book people, while the people who belong to the new form of thinking are called the screen people.

“Fifty years ago, a machine was made of 500 parts and it took a real expert to find specific parts that were needed in order to repair it. Today things are made in groups of components and a whole component is replaced when needed. Therefore, there is no need for the old skills of yesterday. This is why the level of our skills and expertise has dropped People with a clip orientation cannot analyze and clarify things in a deep, logical manner and cannot solve serious problems.

“Very few wealthy professionals educate their children in classical music, various sports, thus leaving the computer out. This means that they bring them up according to the old principles that shape their thinking into consecutive, sequential thinking and not clip thinking. It is actually live and direct communication that provides something that is irreplaceable.

“My advice to university lecturers is to not to recommend books to their students, but rather assign only a chapter from a book and even better, a certain paragraph. Salespeople in bookstores have noticed that people rarely buy thick books that have more than 300 pages and that they don’t even look through them. People prefer to engage in other forms of entertainment other than reading.

“Clip thinking is the inevitable outcome of modern society and the direction in which civilization is developing, but those who follow the path of clip thinking will never become the elite. This is how social stratification takes place. Therefore, those who allow their children to sit in front of the computer screen for hours don’t prepare them for a brighter future.”

My Comment: In general, our future lies in penetrating into nature’s operating system, about which the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us. The educational system is closer to the traditional approach, leading a person deeper into the world of inner scrutiny, above his nature, keeping him away from clip thinking. A Kabbalist has to acquire this form of thinking so that he will be able to sum up this system in a short, concise manner. It is in this manner that the public will hear how to implement the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to discover the system on their level.

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