Children Have Become Different

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Lyubov Dukhanina, Public Chamber of Russian, PhD of Pedagogic Science, from “‘Scientists and researchers… record qualitative mental, psychophysiological, and personality changes in children.’

“Sociologists note such newly appearing qualities as focus on consumption, separation from cultural traditions, increased levels of anxiety and fear, increased aggressiveness, and the need to startle others.

“Doctors notice the appearance of adult diagnoses in schoolchildren.

“In the hierarchy of life values, schoolchildren put the intellectual parameters of an individual in first place, determination in second place, and somatic states in third place. The last ones in the hierarchy of values ​​are emotional displays and moral values such as sensitivity, tolerance, and empathy.”

My Comment: Is the school curriculum changing in response to the changes in the children? Of course, it does not. Do the teachers have a basic knowledge of working with “new” children? No, they do not. Adjusting his attitude toward himself and society must become the student’s main activity at school. Otherwise, we get disagreeable specialists in the end. As the opportunities to apply oneself in science, economics, and industry decline, young people look lost, without life goals.

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  1. Every child wishes to be a hero, the nobel form of ego, the Alto. We must but connect this towards true greatness in bestowal.

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