Spiritual Apocalypse

Laitman_414In the news (from Evrazia.org): “Communists failed to fulfill their message: ‘Workers of all nations, unite!’ It turns out that it was actually capitalism that fulfilled its message ‘Residents of all nations, unite!’ This slogan has become the motto of the modern religion.

“Petite bourgeoisie is international and everyone is equal in front of their counter. Natural basic necessities, food and sex, have become a priority and have even become more important than ideological disputes. They are the solution to the debates about happiness and the highlight of our dreams of a brighter future. The symbol of our era is the basket of goods and services and the answer to every question in our reality is in terms of money.

“Billions of one-dimensional people attack the supermarkets like locusts, roaming their artificial aisles. Lifestyle has replaced survival, and the struggle to survive has been replaced by a chase for comfort. Art has become a product, and works of art are duplicated by every form of electronic media which demand religious worship.

“Liberal tolerance and political correctness cover up the total indifference to the fate of nations. People are willing to tolerate any form of humiliation and will betray their national interests for products in the supermarket. There are no geographical borders today, but there are strong financial borders. Wars are breaking out all over the world but there is a cold apocalypse in people’s hearts…”

My Comment: I believe that this actually encourages people to read and learn about our current situation, and about the dead end we have reached. This is where the understanding of the new path actually begins, the next state of humanity. For the first time in history people will begin to learn about a life that is not dominated by the attribute of receiving but by the attribute of bestowal, and will thus feel a new, unlimited world.

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