From Genesis To Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanEach of the five parts of the Torah represents a totally new level in a person’s development or in the development of a group of people who want to fulfill the conditions of the Torah in order to rise to the level of the Creator.

The Torah is like a spiritual elevator that raises our properties to a new level. Those who enter it and shut the doors are ready to work on themselves against their ego. They go through five egoistic phases, which are increasingly greater in their intensity and Aviut (thickness) because egoism is crafty.

While studying each of the five parts of the Torah, the ego grows not only in quantity, but also in quality. This is a very difficult and complicated process. But at the same time, a person grows wiser and begins to understand his egoistic nature. Moreover, it penetrates the connections between all parts of nature, just as one enters a certain organization and discovers how people are connected to one another, the organization’s policies, and the ties of mutual connections between different departments etc.

In spiritual work, however, a person clarifies human nature and the nature of the soul. His advancement is on a higher level, gives greater penetration into the individual and the general connection of all the parts of the soul and all of the creation.

At the beginning, he perceives the general creation in a simple manner, like a small child. Then he is split, upgraded, and separated into parts so that by their connections and their division, a person penetrates more deeply into this system. He discovers new obstacles, new mutual connections, individual laws, etc., and so he studies and examines it from the beginning (Genesis) to the end.

He grows in the transition from one part of the Torah to another and can be told about the laws of creation and be held responsible for keeping them. There is an egoistic desire in a person to discover the Creator that occurs despite the unity with others. A certain formula has to work in it: I connect and unite with the others in order to discover the Creator in the connection between us because this is how I can fill Him with joy, just as He wants to fill me. It is in this state that I unite with Him.

When we begin to relate to our conditions correctly, different forces of help, support, and resistance appear in us. They are gradually revealed: first on the zero level of desire and then on levels one, two, three, and four, a total of five levels. There are the five books of the Torah. In these phases we move from the first word in Genesis “Bereshit” – “In the beginning” to the last word “Israel.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/17/14

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