Writing A Book Of Torah

laitman_260Question: Why can’t you give me a lucky charm?

Answer: Because you have to make it, not I! It should be according to the program that is projected in you! No one can do anything for another person!

It says: “Inscribe them on the tablets of your heart.” It says that every person is obliged to write a book of Torah. Everyone! There is a Mitzva (commandment) to write a book of Torah.

This means that you have to learn this whole program from the first letter of the Torah, the Hebrew letter “Bet – ב,” all the way to the last letter, the Hebrew letter “Lamed – ל,”  and to write all those letters. To write them means to understand what this program means.

After all, the Torah is not a historical novel about a nation that lived ages ago. It is about you and about how you are made. When you read the Torah you begin to feel how it affects you once you understand the letters and the attributes. Ultimately every person has his own Torah.

I read the Torah, which means that the whole line of letters goes through me from the beginning to the end, and I read it. This means that I begin to understand, to feel, and to incorporate this program in me from the beginning of the creation with all the connections it contains in a totally different manner than you read it. Everyone does it according to his own nature and we are all very different.

So you know what you can add. Writing a book of Torah, is first of all writing it on your heart. But what do you write it with? You don’t simply place your heart so that the Torah can be printed on it. A heart means a desire.

You process these letters and the way they are ordered. You agree with them and change yourself according to every letter. Then it is written on your desire. This means that the matter of the letter is designed and depicted inside you by your desire.

Our matter is a desire to receive. This pile of desire which every person has must clothe the letters of the Torah on itself, that is,  to take on their form, similar to cookies shaped like letters. shaped biscuits. These are the letters you have to make of your desire in the form of the Torah.

Question: Every person yearns to be in the best possible state, but it is practically impossible to attain it. How can the letters help us succeed in doing so?

Answer: This is the path to success because the Torah leads you to the next world, to a state of perfect goodness. It is because your desire constantly yearns for something but doesn’t know exactly what it wants and never gets what it desires. Even if it does get one gram of pleasure, it disappears immediately.

The Torah is meant to bring you the Light. The Light is real pleasure that is permanent and full.

Question: What do you mean by the Torah?

Answer: This whole program is called Torah and we study it by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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