This Still World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Hoffman, PhD, Columbia University, New York): “The century of progress questioned a person’s need for spiritual freedom. People are seeking not freedom, but security. An economic society regards freedom as everyone’s right to think only about himself. Everyone has the right to do what he wants and how he wants.

“A person who has been brainwashed by the media and mass culture is unable to understand that he has needs others than those which the market imposes on him. Everyone is given a huge range of choice, but it is not a personal choice, this choice is programmed by the system. In big cities, millions of people live isolated from each other and hate each other.

“Society fosters aggressiveness, the quality necessary in an atmosphere of general competition and, at the same time, suppresses it. The increasing pressure leads to the reverse reaction, to the release of latent aggressive energy in the most extreme forms. Human existence is monotonous; all the changes change nothing in life. A person is in motion, but this motion is purely physical; his inner world is still.”

My Comment: Only through the recognition of evil of our state will we arrive at the solution to put an end to our attitude towards ourselves and towards such a life. Only complete despair will compel us to take a decisive action. But such a state could be achieved without prolonged suffering, by including consciousness by becoming aware of the coming suffering beforehand and avoiding it by moving in the right direction of new development.

This path is offered by Kabbalah because by studying it we draw the Light of wisdom towards ourselves and move forward not being pushed by suffering but being attracted by all kinds of pleasant fulfillment.

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