Senators In The United States Are In Favor Of Increasing Aid To Israel

400Comment: 83 of the 100 American senators signed a letter that calls upon the President of the United States Barak Obama to increase the aid to Israel and to sign a security agreement soon. The aid package is currently three billion dollars per year whereas Israel insists on increasing the budget to five billion dollars per year.

Response: First, it is up to us to rely more upon ourselves, improvement of our situation depends on the order that we make in our nation. We can collect two billion dollars from the state funds if we just get serious and less wasteful. Second, the restrictions contained in the agreement are not beneficial for the nation of Israel. The Americans profit a great deal from the Israeli innovations related to ammunitions, so it is very worthwhile for them to support us, yet in the meantime it could be that we have no other way out.

Despite the help from Obama and others, it is up to us to rely upon ourselves. We shouldn’t rely on help from European nations or Russia and also not on our military power, but only on the connection with the upper force.

Nobody will take this from us. The problem is that this relationship is up to us to discover, to arrange, and to use correctly. Then we will have no need of help from the Americans or anyone else, and they cannot defeat us; on the contrary, everyone will require our help.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/26/16

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