Rise In The Number Of Suicides In The United States

Laitman_002Comment: In the last 15 years the number of suicides in the United States increased by 24%. And the percentage of suicides among the young increased much more than the percentage of suicides among adults.

Response: The reason for suicide is not the material situation of society but disappointment in life and the lack of meaning in it.

The feeling of emptiness permeates all levels of society without connection to wealth, property, and level of education. When a person gets depressed he doesn’t see meaning in anything and doesn’t want to live. In principle, a person decides to commit suicide when he sees no future for himself, has no prospects, sees only darkness ahead instead of light. This darkness will become more and more dense to awaken a person to a search for the Light that will transform the darkness.

Comment: If the darkness becomes more and more dense, the number of suicides will increase even more.

Response: The number of suicides will increase only a little; most people will begin to listen to Kabbalists and learn how to discover the Light instead of the darkness that they don’t see at the present time. Even now, the Light fills the whole world, but we lack the proper vision. Precisely to the degree that we feel a ray of Light illuminating us, so we also shine with our own ray of light. A person can feel that someone is looking at him, as if someone is looking at him from behind because we project beams of light and feel the beams of light that others radiate.

To discover the layers, the gigantic expanses, the worlds that exist around us, it is up to us to radiate special “beams” that can achieve all of this. These spaces fill life and they specifically awaken a person’s desire, but he doesn’t find an answer. To get an answer for this desire, it is up to that person to learn how to create this beam of light within him correctly, to use it and radiate it.

In the meantime, people who feel darkness in their lives are very miserable. I can identify with them because every Kabbalist goes through these states. What differentiates a Kabbalist and people who commit suicide is that he was fortunate to have found the wisdom of Kabbalah. With the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, he revives himself and begins to live a full life.

Along with this, clearly, he must think about others. Kabbalists try to do this with all their might. The writings of the Kabbalists are available to us so that we will use them and find a much wider world than the way it seems to us in our normal vision. Good luck!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/25/16

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  1. Ty Very much for responding to my comment of needing help which I do still I have went over this site you sent me to it helps wish I could afford some of your books but it’s just not possible a little more about me I am a Jew by blood but have never got to learn

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