Living In A Coffin

laitman_547_06Comment: South Korea is the record holder in the rate of suicide caused by depression and stress at a workplace.

Consequently, they have invented a kind of a burial service: at the beginning of the work day the workers read goodbye letters saying how good their life was with their dear ones and then they open a coffin and lie in it, each worker with his photograph, lying in there crying.

One of the Koreans wrote: “After this experiment I realized that I have to try to live differently; to come out of the coffin of my life. I realized that I had made many mistakes and I hope I will be able to love my work and to spend more time with my family.” We should pay attention to what he says, and to the fact that his work still comes first.

Answer: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah say that a person should sit and think about how his life is going to end? It will end in nothing. What is he living for? In order to experience some small pleasures every now and them? What’s the point?

A person should have a strong motivation to live. He should have a meaning in life; he should have a goal. And we have to discover all that.

The managers in plants in South Korea are trying to somehow stimulate and motivate their workers because they want to squeeze more from them. What do they care if the workers die afterward?

Question: But why is depression so prevalent there?

Answer: Because of the nature of that nation. They are mechanical. In addition, competition is high there and they are prepared for it from childhood.

Comment: Do you regard competition negatively?

Answer: Competition should be targeted, not in order to succeed in this life and to reach the level of a director of a company, head of a department, or head of an office, and then take pride in it.

Question: How would you stimulate and motivate workers in a Korean factory?

Answer: I would motivate them differently, but in order to do that they need to be developed, meaning gathering them in teams and giving each team a task so that they will all be responsible for one another and help each other.

The importance of the common goal will help them be incorporated into each other and then having a common corporeal goal will lead them to finding a common spiritual goal. Soon the whole world will operate this way.

Question: Why don’t the Koreans go for it then?

Answer: They are not ripe enough for it yet.

Question: Do you believe that the success of every Korean plant actually depends on unity and not on competition?

Answer: Competition will not hold on much longer, and people will get used to these burial services. Never mind, a person also gets used to dying.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/15/15

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