Suffering Due To A Meaningless Life

Laitman_180Opinion (Viktor Frankl, book):  “Every era generates a unique neurosis. At the beginning of the 20th century people considered that lack of sexual satisfaction to be the source of all our troubles. Now, however, at the beginning of the 21st century we are troubled by something else, by our disappointment from life.

“If before a person suffered of an inferiority complex, today he suffers from a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of living a meaningless life.

“An American student wrote that all his friends and relatives in America, young people his age, are trying to understand what they live for in the first place. The disappointment from life also affects people who belong to the older generation, who have successful careers and are considered to be successful people. Now we see more and more clearly that the feeling that life has no meaning is penetrating every aspect of our life. Our animal instincts don’t tell a person what he needs, and traditions don’t teach him what to do anymore, and so not knowing what he needs and how he should live, a person cannot understand what he wants.

“Among the causes of death of American students, after car accidents ranks suicide. 85% of the students who were interviewed did not find any meaning in life. 93% of the students were healthy both physically and mentally and lived at a high standard of living, had good relations with their parents, engaged in social activities and excelled in their studies. A person naturally aspires to determine and to fulfill his goal in life, which is an aspiration for a meaning in life. The aspiration for a meaning in life is not a dream and not self-deception but self-programming that determines a person’s future. This motivation is a unique human attribute. A person thinks about it when all his corporeal needs are fulfilled, which means that the aspiration for a meaning in life is an independent motivation and not the outcome of other needs.

“A person always aspires to exceed the limits of his own personality and is attracted to something greater, whether a goal he has to fulfill or a love of another person. A person opens up either because of his own interest or because of love. The more he dedicates himself to his work or to love of others the more human he is, thus being closer to himself. In fact, a person can discover himself only when he forgets himself, and as a result of self denial.”

My Comment: True fulfillment of the meaning of life is in attaining the source, the Creator. Only then does a person feel that he is filled with the meaning of the eternal, perfect universe. This inclination is embedded in us by nature, by the Creator, and so we have to discover its essence and the method of fulfillment, the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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