What Is The Connection Between Vegetarianism And A Volcanic Eruption

Laitman_728_01Question: How does Kabbalah relate to the ideology of vegetarianism, which is based on the desire not to cause harm or suffering to living beings?

Answer: People who make this claim do not understand the purpose of creation and the fact that each species in nature acts and exists for the sake of another higher form of being.

Inanimate nature exists in order for plants to grow; plants exist in order to raise animals, and animals in order to raise humans, while people exist in order to raise the Creator.

Each level of nature is required to maintain a higher level. Just like the task of the earth is to support the plants and lend itself for their use, so the task of an animal is to be used by man. The question is only in exactly how to use the animals, in what form.

This is why we are given laws that define how to rear animals, how to kill them, how to prepare the meat, and how to eat it. All of this is described in great detail in the laws of Kashrut.

If we perform these actions correctly, then through them we sanctify both plants and animals, raising them to the degree of man, and together with man, onto the next degree. After all, a person lives in order to bring himself up to be Adam (man), “similar” (Domeh) to the higher force.

This is how I see it through my knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah and understanding of the entire system. I am not forcing vegetarians to eat meat. For example, my wife eats it very rarely, but not for ideological reasons but simply because her blood type is A, and people of that blood type do not like meat.  So this occurs in a natural way.

But the problem is that vegetarians are usually fighting for their idea. I have not yet met a single calm vegetarian. One would think that on the contrary, those who eat meat should be bloodthirsty and aggressive. But they appear to be calmer, perhaps because they are well fed, while vegetarians, possibly from lack of satiation, are often very irritable and demanding.

I do not understand why they are taking such a strong stand. Let everyone eat all the foods that nature has provided for us. We do not realize that we exist in a closed system of nature, and if we somehow alter our habits, then through that we change the laws of nature even on its still, vegetative, and animal levels.

Suppose the majority of humanity would now decide to become vegetarians, meaning, they would change their attitude toward the still, vegetative, and animal nature. Thus, we introduce into the overall system, which integrally ties all of us together, a new attitude that is opposite to the one originally imparted to us by nature.

Nature intended for every level to nurture and raise the one above it: the still would do that for plants, the plants for animals, and the animals for people.

We are made in such a way that we need to use all types of food specifically in this form: salt and water from the still level, permitted vegetables from the vegetative level, and permitted meat from the animate level, carrying out all the laws of their preparation.

We are talking about natural laws. I am not simply eating, but through this I am figuring out my attitude toward general nature. After all, I have to observe all the rules that determine what can be eaten and what cannot, and if it is allowed, then in what form. And if something cannot be eaten, maybe it could be used not as food, but in some other way, for example, for making leather.

Everything is structured so that a person would utilize all of nature correctly. If he does not do so, then through one’s incorrect relationship to nature he introduces a distortion into the overall system and alters physical, chemical, and other natural laws.

And then we are surprised when suddenly, some volcano erupted, or a tsunami appeared, or that there is an extraordinary heatwave up to 50° C in London. We do not understand why such disasters occur “all of a sudden,” and yet it is we ourselves who have disrupted the balance in the system.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/2/15

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  1. Heres another From a Rabbi in Israel:

    not veg myself.

    don’t like though the old school liner thought of this article

    some donkies are definitely higher spiritually than some “humans”

    and yet… all nature is eating each other

    veg ppl couse “harm” to insects and plant beings

  2. I find much rationality and spiritual sustenance in Dr. laitman’s teachings, but I must disagree with his stance on vegetarianism.

    I have been a vegetarian in one form or another for most of my life (I am 53 years old). I never particularly liked meat. The argument that mankind should not reject pleasure falls flat for many who simply do not find meat pleasurable or who find no joy in the consumption of flesh. It is my belief that The Creator did NOT intend for mankind to eat meat and that by allowing mankind to eat meat post-flood was a concession to man’s sinful, lustful nature. I personally find greater spiritual sustenance by eating a plant based diet. I feel happier and closer to The Creator by abstaining from meat (at this point, abstinence from meat comes naturally. I don’t even give one second of consideration to the consumption of flesh).

    Mankind has been debased, which can readily be seen in rampant war, pornography, crime, political corruption, narcissism, substance abuse, militant atheism, bullying, and a general disinterest in the well being of his or her fellow human being. I fail to see how eating a cow would elevate that animal to the level of a human being when that human is so debased. It seems to me that by recognizing the pain of an animal and caring for the animal would actually raise the spirituality of humanity, because if we cannot care about the lesser of sentient beings, how can we care about our fellow human beings? Causing a violent and premature death of a sentient being seems counterintuitive to raising one’s spiritual level.

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