The Effect Of Kabbalistic Books

Laitman_165Question: How should we use the power of Kabbalistic books?

Answer: There is no special force in the book itself. The power is in the person who connects to what is written in the book and who tries to attain the internal essence, the spiritual level, that the letters and the words in Kabbalah books represent.

For example, take two words: “steak” and “Malchut.” We know what a steak is and we immediately feel its flavor in our mouth and understand what it is and when we need it, but we don’t know what Malchut is. Therefore, from our perspective this word is like tasteless grass that invokes no feeling.

Kabbalistic books were written in such a way, in such terminology, and in such a language that do not invoke any thoughts or feelings.

How do we connect with them, because they tell us about the upper world, our management, and our destiny? In this case, it is necessary to do what Kabbalists tell us. Kabbalists advise us to unite with a group of ten friends and to study together in a circle.

By studying Kabbalistic books together we must feel we mutually connect to one another, and will reach a state where our desires and thoughts are compatible, when each one annuls himself before all the friends and everyone feels as one unique whole.

This means that we have to resemble the Upper Light as much as possible in our corporeal world, the Light, which is one and unique, and then it will shine on us according to our efforts.

Question: On the one hand, we say that the wisdom of Kabbalah is not mysticism, but is drawing the Light a mystical act?

Answer: There is nothing mystical here. The self is the physical body that has certain forces of attraction and rejection. Drawing the Light is not mysticism but a physical action.

Question: How will we discover that the books influence us?

Answer: It isn’t the book that influences you but your common desire.

You will feel it as the warmth toward the friends according to the common force that appears between you and connects you. You will begin to feel what the Kabbalist books say about merging, connection, the qualities of Bina and Malchut, and the force of bestowal between them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/7/16

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