What Are Kabbalah Books About?

laitman_527_04Question: Are Kabbalah books written according to the Jewish tradition?

Answer: Kabbalah books have nothing to do with any tradition. They explain how to treat other people and how to build a relationship between this world and the highest world, to discover the secret parts of the universe—all the other worlds that are around us and govern us.

Then we will be able to manage our lives in the reverse order. At the same time, we will reach beyond the physical limits of our short lives, our small forces, and can see through time.

There is no need to tie the wisdom of Kabbalah to any tradition; a Kabbalist can be Indian, Arab, Norwegian, or from South America—no matter who. It does not say anything about earthly rules except one: bringing people together into one integral whole just like all of nature.
From the Talk at the Moscow Jewish Cultural Center, 11/24/15

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