The Current Situation Of The World Economy

 Opinion (from “Money can be transferred from pocket to pocket, but this won’t produce what’s most important ‑ goods that ensure normal human existence. And goods are formed by actual production.

“The debt has reached such a scale that no profit of the world’s real sector can maintain the stability of the inflated debt market. But instead of bankrupting nonviable subjects and limiting the production of new debt, the blow is being made on the real sector.

“Today everyone is screaming about the fall of oil prices. But it is not about oil. Over the last year the combined index of all raw materials fell by 34%. The Baltic Dry Index, which assesses the price of moving the major raw materials by sea, has fallen three years in a row, dropping almost six-fold.

“Real manufacturing is shrinking, followed by a decrease in international trade. All the idle money gets accumulated in the banks, which creates the danger of hovering inflation.

“The fight for money now unfolds between the states: the US and Europe. The flow of money from Europe to the United States should have been reflected in the drop of the value of the euro in relation to the dollar, but Europe does not wish to become a sacrificial lamb to postpone the fall of the US, and prefers to hole up in its own debt market, not American.

“It would seem that the emission could solve the problem: printing more dollars or euros and thereby maintaining the seeming stability. However, any country that risks starting emission first in its own interests without considering the interests of its ‘partners’ risks to be the first to fall into the spin of hyperinflation.

“But the US are capable of influencing the problem of the refugees: the New Year events in Cologne are possibly a rehearsal, a prelude to chaos that may transpire in Europe.

“We are going to witness a hot spring in Europe against the politics of the official authorities. As well as the clashes with the refugees who may turn out to be much more organized than it appears today. One can guess what will happen with European finances.”

Comment: Nevertheless, the way out of the situation is possible, but on a completely different plane—by directing the social order toward similarity to the unified system of nature. After all, by being opposite to the unified system of nature with the egoistic “distorted” society, we create the reason for the general crisis.

The solution is not feasible in any other plane, only in the correction of societal ties: we need to start building them not on egoism, but on altruism that is opposite to it. With our egoistic connections, our development, we’ve put the system that governs our world out of balance so the system of governance forces our destruction. The immediate correction of man’s nature is the only realistic solution. If we do not take the view of Kabbalah, we will be forced to this conclusion by World War.

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  1. Well then….should not the response of the already struggling Greek Islanders to an overwhelming influx of a population group and religion they have traditionally been in direct conflict with( and historically subjugated by),(and in spite of the fact that they did not create the conflict), not be a perfect example of this? It should! The response there is a very “human” one and certainly an example of rising above the ego.

    However…and here lies the difficult question, up close and simple. If in the end kabbalah is truly about balance and harmony how is the middle line between Chesed and Gevurah reached in this world? It is almost impossible to believe that this will be accomplished without a great deal of pain on all sides.

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