Answers To Your Questions, Part 121

laitman_259_02Question: Nature has increased the world population to 7 billion so that every individual will be able to correct his individual part, because if everyone has a big ego, it is very hard to correct. But if the nation of Israel doesn’t unite, there may be a third and fourth world war, and then there will be very few people left that will still have to unite in order to correct the world. Will the few people that remain have to carry the burden of correcting the ego?

Answer: They will undergo terrible afflictions as a result of the war and these afflictions will help them avoid using their ego in a negative way.

Question: What does the wisdom of Kabbalah say about the ancient people who lived more that 6,000 years ago? Were they on the animate level?

Answer: They were people just like us but people who belonged to that time. People have been evolving on this planet for tens of thousands of years, but the first man who attained the upper the world lived only 5,777 years ago; his name was Adam.

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