The Call Of The Soul For The Promised Land

laitman_740_01The Torah, “Ezekiel” 36:24: For I will take you from among the nations and gather you from all the countries, and I will bring you to your land.

From a historic perspective, the Jews gathered on their land under the pressure and oppression of the nations of the world.

At the same time, they had to break away from their religion because it called for sitting and expecting the Messiah that would redeem them of their sufferings as the prophet Ezekiel says.

The religious Jews were in no hurry to return to their land from exile while waiting for and expecting the Messiah. Only those who broke away from religion realized that they could build their state only in the land of Israel.

I remember myself as a Zionist. I lived in Russia at the time, and I had a specific goal: to come to Israel and to live there. I should say that Zionism awakened in me the great and deep question about the meaning of life for a while, but when I came here, I began to feel the need for the next level of my development: what for, why, and how.

Thus, the question reappeared and kept troubling me until it became, “What is the meaning of my existence? Now that I am among my people building my state, what’s next?” At the same time, I always have felt I am a Zionist.

The word “Zionist” stems from the word “Zion,” which refers to the place where the spiritual root and its corporeal branch connect. In this place, we must recreate the nation of Israel, which means the group (which also can consist of several million people) that lives according to Abraham’s laws.

Question: We know that there is no time and place in spirituality, and here you suddenly say that Israel is a piece of land that is holy in a certain sense and has certain spiritual attributes.

Answer: Yes, these are attributes that are above time. The connection of the Jewish nation to its land is described in many Kabbalistic writings. This is the reason that we need to return to this land and not to Uganda.

Question: Why do some people feel a very strong attraction to this land and others don’t feel it at all?

Answer: It depends on the root of one’s soul. When I left Russia, in Vienna we were offered the choice of any state we wished to emigrate to. Of a train full of Jews, only two families, mine and another family, went to Israel; all the others dispersed in Europe and in America.

It is an urge that stems from the spiritual root that brings people to Israel. Today, it is revealed in many people, and humanity is beginning to feel that it needs connection and unity.

People don’t understand why they are attracted to it. They feel warmth and that there is something here! And even if having arrived here, they subsequently feel they will feel good in this land.

Question: Are these people descendants of the ten lost tribes?

Answer: No, these are totally different people who are not Jewish by origin but who feel that the idea of unity is close to their hearts, and all of humanity gradually is getting closer to this.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/23/15

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