Why Is The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Important?

laitman_584_03Question: I still don’t understand why the wisdom of Kabbalah is so important to you.

Answer: If we exist in the closed system of nature, our desires and our thoughts are also part of this system and they influence it. And their influence can be much more important than our physical actions.

Just our physical actions are visible to everyone and so we give them importance because we see their outcomes and can scrutinize and examine them. But the mental and emotional effects we can’t scrutinize and examine. However, our internal influence is studied and used in labs and by intelligence services all over the world.

If all of our thoughts and desires stem from the mind and the heart that are connected directly to the general system of nature, then:

  • What arises in us naturally that is beyond our control can be omitted from our study since it is information about thoughts and feelings that flow through us.
  • Information that we cannot perceive is nothing but control signals that we must know and learn to manage correctly. Thus, we introduce our corrections in nature because otherwise we unconsciously harm the whole system and ourselves by our uncorrected thoughts and feelings.

This is the reason that this information is the most important study for mankind, but we must control and acquire it and teach it to every child and grownup.

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