Man And Woman – Such Different Worlds, Part 3

laitman_246Question: There are two qualities: male and female that connect with each other. Do you add some third upper factor to this?

Answer: This factor is the most important one. Man and woman connect specially for it, in order to merge with it and reach its degree. We exist in this world for this purpose; we perform different corrections and connect with each other.

The third factor is the upper force that is called the Creator or love. The feeling of love is reached through mutual completion, when each feels oneself fully devoted to a partner. If we exist only for the sake of completing the other, then we attain the force of love.

Question: Is this the same force that we are looking for all our life?

Answer: We dream about the force of love, but we are mistaken if we hope to find it between our bodies and not between our souls.

Question: Isn’t it good that the man and woman receive pleasure from meeting with each other?

Answer: Sexual pleasure is one of the basic corporeal pleasures, next in importance after food, without which it is impossible to exist. Once a person secures the necessary existence, he thinks only about sex.

Question: What distinguishes pleasure from the force of real love that includes the third upper factor?

Answer: Pleasure from real love is called heaven. We are so devoted to each other that I only look for ways to complete the other, in order to reveal the force of love between us that is called Creator.

And today we demand love from each other egoistically, which is completely opposite to love. We need to rise above our egoism, and then instead of demanding love from another, we will be showing it, meaning we will love not in reception, but in bestowal.

Adam – Man” means similar to the upper force, to the Creator, by being in perfection. And he can achieve perfection only through connection with a woman. When they both annul one before the other, each one annulling egoism, then they connect in mutual bestowal.

This can be expressed in all kinds of corporeal actions, but here one intends to give to the other in order to reveal the Creator between them. It is said, “A man and a woman and Shechina between them.” Only in such a form can we reach perfection, and this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us.

Question: Normal man dreams to posses all the women he sees around him. And doesn’t the spiritual man want this as well?

Answer: He wants the same, but not in a corporeal form. He wants to take all the female force that exists in the universe and all the male force and complete one with the other.

And so all men and women work only in order to complement each other, and in this mutual completion and connection, in the center of humanity, reveal the spiritual world, the spiritual force, and the upper force of the Creator.

The Creator created us in this form and we return to it. And then we attain love in the point of connection between us and the Creator.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/31/16

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