Going To “Correct Communism”

laitman_435Question: Over the generations, a great number of Jews lived in Russian territories. What are the similarities and differences between Russia and Israel?

Answer: First of all, a very large number of immigrants from Russia live in Israel, about one million people. I think more will come and the number will rise to more than a million since there are still many Jews living in Russia, even though they might not admit it.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe once said that it is officially reported that there are three million Jews in Russia, but in actuality there are about 20 million. It’s the same in America, and that’s without counting the ten tribes whose locations are not known. For the time being all of that is concealed, but it will be revealed when needed.

I believe that the relations between Russia and Israel should be promoted to ensure that we show them the proper communism.  Correct communism is not the communism that they tried unsuccessfully to build in the USSR, but is when the right society is built, a commune. The tendency for this kind of society, and streams of socialistic orientation are beginning to emerge in Western countries and America. The world is approaching a situation where automated production is gaining force and pulling unemployment behind it.

The economy based on money will gradually disappear and society will be left with a great problem, thus unity of society is the first challenge the world is already beginning to wake up to today. The problem is that no one knows how to proceed toward this since the correct and united society can only be formed with the help of integral education, which comes from the wisdom of Kabbalah.

So I think that in Russia there is a special predisposition for such relations since, despite the huge problems that appeared during the Soviet era, people nevertheless had a positive feeling and a certain affinity for this state. The Russian nation will continue with socialistic elements, exactly like those foundations that the Jews of Israel are attracted to.

The creation of the correct future society will be the salvation, not only Israel, but also Russia since otherwise it won’t come out of its current crisis. The entire world can escape the crisis only through the building of a new society, not through using technological aids.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Independence Day” 4/30/15

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