Who Needs Kids Today And For What?

laitman_624_03_0In the News (gazeta.ru): “The vast majority of animals raise their chicks, puppies, kittens, lambs, etc. to a certain age (height and weight of mature individuals, as a rule), and then immediately loses all family feeling. For a cat, her one-year-old kitten – is just another cat or a cat.

“Only people who have learned to consider the degree of kinship, have invented names for them, and have introduced numerous rules and prohibitions concerning not only marriage, but in general the relationship between people based on their blood relations and, therefore, between the older and younger.

“Now, the foundation of the social structure begins to waver.

“The expansion of children’s rights, giving humanity a great warning against the disgusting abuse of children, at the same time leads to overt unilateral commitments. It turns out that the child has considerably more rights and a parent – has many more responsibilities. …

“Children, at least in the ‘golden billion’ countries, have long ceased to be a guarantee of a secure old age for their parents.

“Some people naturally raise the question: Why do we need children? Why have them? If it takes you almost a quarter of a century to raise them, and then they leave? …

“So why? Who needs children?..

“Very rich and very poor children solve the problem on its own. The very rich do not need care and support in old age, they have great-grandchildren grandchildren who may provide moral support; it is also possible to buy, hire, a loving people… .

“Very poor generally live within the traditional framework of mutual obligations in the family, with greater cohesion and branched multigenerational families – almost communities.

“But the middle-class need children as a source of … love, both spiritual and physical at the same time. The first smile, first steps, first word “mama,” the child beaming adoringly, the first class, the first notebook – for it one can give everything!

“But parents pay dearly for the few years of enjoyment of parental love, unconditional love. financially, with time, and, most importantly, emotionally with the subsequent disappointment, resentment, loneliness. …

“It is possible that in the course of all the cultural fractures another quite interesting cultural shift will occur. Parents will perceive their grown children about the same as a cat does – as grown kittens.”

Answer: In the future a person’s attention will be focused on attaining the upper state where relations are not determined by earthly connections but by the connections between individual souls and the one general soul.

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